Who will be Fairy Tail’s Seventh Guild Master?

Indeed, who is worthy enough to take on the prestigious, but daunting task of leading and representing Fairy Tail?

Credit:Fairy Tail (Guild) – Fairy Tail Wiki, the site for Hiro Mashima’s manga and anime series, Fairy Tail The same credit goes to the wiki site for all other images used in Fairy Tail posts on this blog. Thumbs up to the community! 🙂

Well, I’ve been going around the web reading others’ thoughts on this. In this post, I list some potential candidates with my thoughts on them, summing up with who I would like to be “it”.

1. Makarov Dreyar


Fairy Tail will never be the same without Makarov. That has been a long-held statement ever since. When Makarov attempted to resign as guild master to atone for Laxus’ rash actions in the Battle of Fairy Tail, the members were not hearing of it. Also, when Gildarts, the fifth guild master, appointed Makarov back as the sixth guild master, everyone did agree that he was meant to be guild master forever.


However, after the disbandment, which was decided on by Makarov himself, I doubt that he would be enthusiastic to return as the seventh guild master. After all, he disbanded the guild and then, after only year, he would be willing to assemble everyone again? I do not think so.

2. Lucy Heartfilia


I would actually like to see Lucy as the next guild master. Her love for her guild runs deep, just like everyone else. However, she did keep tabs on everyone during the one year apart and she did take up a journalism job just so she could locate everyone as something to do on the side.


However, a guild master is usually one who has more developed and stronger magic than everyone else. Hmm… Still, I would like to see her be picked as the one.

3. Gildarts Clive


Oh yeah! I would really like to see Gildarts again! He did not show up in the recent manga chapter even though her daughter, Cana, said that she would look for him. However, in terms of ability and experience, he deserves the title.


And after all, he does know about Lumen Histoire, which only the past, present, and future guild masters alone should know. Also, he is the strongest among the five four Fairy Tail S-class wizards, as far as I know. The only big drawback: He is always missing in action.

4. Laxus Dreyar


Laxus, too deserves the title. He is an S-class wizard who has changed his ways, grown, and matured to actually warrant the guild master title.


But, I am thinking that after his actions in the Battle of Fairy Tail arc, he may turn down the offer if it was presented to him. Countless stories have been told wherein a character desires power and authority, gets beaten up and talked sense into, then, when presented with what he wanted from the start, turns it down. Classic story of suddenly changing your heart and pursuing other goals and priorities.

5. Mirajane Strauss


She is another S-class wizard, who once was competitive and bad-natured. Although she has changed her personality after the death of Lisanna (who has been actually alive and have since been reunited with her), she still retains her S-class magical ability.


Furthermore, she was the de facto secretary to Makarov during his times as a guild master (aside from being a bartender), so she would know the technical duties of being a guild master.

6. Erza Scarlet


Another S-class wizard. She has the utmost sense of responsibility, honor, and dignity, which is a fit for her magic, The Knight.


She also has amazing battle intelligence and intuition however, her common sense and everyday-thinking is somewhat flawed (She actually believed Ichiya was handsome!). Maybe it has improved after one year? Because of Erza’s image and popularity, I kept thinking that whoever got chosen as the seventh guild master, she would have to acknowledge whoever that was. But will she? If they were one among this list?

7. Doranbolt


There has been talk around the web that he would be the seventh guild master. I beg to disagree. He has less development along with the core members of Fairy Tail, except maybe for Wendy, due to his “undercover agent” time in the Magic Council. I bet the other members of Fairy Tail did not even know that Doranbolt is actually a true-blue Fairy Tail mage. He would be good to serve as an assistant to the guild master though, applying the skills he learned as a former officer of the Magic Council.

8. Natsu Dragneel


Because of his recent display of power, dedication to the guild, and his declaration that he is going to “bring back Fairy Tail”, many assumed it would be him. Personally, NO!! A BIG NO!! Although he has gotten stronger and maybe has gotten wiser, he still has his impulsive way of doing things. Although this has served him and his friends for good before, it still is not befitting for a guild master to do so.


Natsu is a great character, but to have him in a major leader role is just not a good idea. His contemporary, Sting Eucliffe, may be a good guild master for Sabretooth, but not him. Just, NO!!

9. Mavis Vermilion


She may be dead and has already served as the first guild master, that is, if she truly is dead. Sure, we saw her tomb at Tenrou Island, but her body is not actually buried there as she was encased in crystal (possibly the Tenrou Jade) and was known as Lumen Histoire.


Sure, we saw her projections during the Grand Magic Games arc, but it was not indicated that it was her ghost—just projections. Also, if she was truly dead, she should have moved on.

Wildcard: Cana Alberona


The daughter of Gildarts Clive. She has his blood and subsequently, his magical capacity. Although her magic is at a lesser level compared to the likes of Laxus, Erza, and Natsu, she has potential. She has been in the guild for as long as they have been, maybe even longer. She has also been able to use one of the three Great Fairy Magic spells.


The only drawback is her drinking, but seriously, with all the booze-drinking that she does, her body is already accustomed to it. Who knows? She may have developed more amazing magic skills after a year!


And so, who will it be? I would like to see a female Fairy Tail guild master. If this were to come true, I would place my bet on Mirajane Strauss. If we disregard sex, I believe it would be Laxus Dreyar. How about you? Who do you think would be Fairy Tail’s seventh guild master? Or, will he/she be revealed in the next chapter, if at all? Leave them in the comments section! 🙂 Cheers!

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