Going Through Another Block

scribes-express-renovationI believe every blogger goes through a stage of hiatus caused by a variety of reasons. Sort of like writer’s block (Blogger’s block?).

As you may have guessed, yes I am going through such a stage. True, I’ve been posting every other day since last month but to be honest, it’s gotten less fulfilling. I look back at my recently published blog posts, and all I see are “filler posts” and “recycled content.” Personally, I don’t like it when I publish extensively shared content, reblogs, quotations, syndicated media, and the like. In short, I try to stay away from unoriginal content.

Then again, what can a blogger do when he runs out of original content ideas?

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Slayers NEXT

I finished watching another animé series on my smartphone: Slayers NEXT. It’s the second season of the Slayers series first released back in April 1996.

This installment has improved from the first season in that there is a more solid character identity and better story development. In this series, Lina Inverse exposes her vulnerable side, courtesy of discovering how she feels for her traveling companion, Gourry Gabriev. We also see a developing romantic angle between Zelgadis Greywords and Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun, although theirs is not explored in-depth.

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Take an Inspirational Cue from This Guy

One of the things I love about browsing the web is that I occasionally come across different modes of media that depict things that are truly inspirational.

Like this video. It features a montage of Nick Vujicic giving an inspirational talk to a group of teens, his early life, school life, and brief descriptions of growing up.

Nick Vujicic is a preacher and an international motivational speaker. He is also the Director of a non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs, whose mission “is to cross boundaries and break down barriers, to build bridges that bring people to the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.

Yes, Mr. Vujicic is without limbs—he has nothing up to the shoulder level and has no legs, although he has two small feet, one of which has two toes.

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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2010 theme: “Many faces, many places: Suicide prevention across the world”

It would seem that the concept of suicide isn’t taken seriously by most people. In fact, it’s become the butt of several jokes. I think this is attributed to the sensationalized way the media presents suicide. It’s been portrayed ridiculously in soap operas, become mere inserts in television newscasts, and been demoted as tabloid articles. The process of suicide ideation is not taken as seriously as it should!

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Some Things That Make My Heart Beat

bended-spoonI’ve come across bendedspoon‘s (see accompanying profile photo) uplifting blog post about some wonders of her heart. It was so lite and glowing that it brought me to Cloud 9—very touching and inspiring!

Because I was inspired by it, I thought of coming up with a blog post detailing some of the wonders of my heart. These “wonders” make my heart beat with overflowing life.

Of course, my heart beats for my family, relatives, friends, my dreams and aspirations, and the things that interest me. To divert from the ordinary, I opted to list seven “other things” that make me feel alive.

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