Fact Me

Hey there! I am Recis and welcome to my blog! In this section, I get to talk about myself.

SwD 2 (comic book effect)Before the days of Google Translate, I found out that the term, “Recis” is the French equivalent of the English word, “rules.”  I’m not sure exactly what part of speech is its English translation in: Rules (verb) or rules (noun). I checked it on the aforementioned site, and it detected “Recis” as Portuguese, and that it should be spelled, “Rescis”. The English translation was “termination”.

Believe me when I say that it is my first name, as in my first personal noun.  Most of the people I’ve met find my name unusual, and it really is—an uncommon first name.

I am a 27-year old sub-urban guy who’s currently not looking; rather, enjoying bachelorhood and having fun (but not messing around). I’m 5’7″ in height and weigh 69 kilograms.

Hair? Black and white. I color it occasionally: Chestnut Brown, Black-Blue, etc. I sport it crew cut, faux hawk, layered (rock star style, not emo), semi-high cut, spiky, and my signature hairstyle, the buzz cut (semi-kalbo).

Eyes? Brown.SwD 4 (comic book effect) 2

Skin? Two-toned: Bronze and light brown. I’m hairy—just enough for the male physique.

Built? I used to be stout—over 100 kilograms—but I put an end to that by dieting and working out in the gym (and in bed—Just kidding! He! He!) My frame is medium-large and I’m trying to shape it by putting on more muscle mass.

Shirt size? Small to large, depending on the brand and where it was manufactured.

SwD 9 (comic book effect)Pants? 30 to 32 inches. I wear both briefs and boxers, medium to large.

Shoes? Size 9 to 10.

Diet? Whenever I can, six small meals a day, mostly protein.

Workout regimen? Free-weights, occasional machines. I’m targeting my abs and chest, so I’m doing curl ups with weights, knee raises, side-bends, pec flies, bench presses, and dumbell overhead pull ups.

Sports? Badminton and soccer, but only during P.E. classes back when I was still in school. I wasn’t really active in sports back then. I used to be 100 kg., remember? But now, I want extreme sports and triathlon.

Outlook in life? Positive, utilizing the negative to SwD 11 (comic book effect) 2keep myself attached to reality.

Books? Humor/satire, murder mysteries, old British detective fiction, inspirational.

Movies? Damn! I love movies! Action, adventure, animation, comedy, disaster/doomsday, epics, inspirational, movie musicals, romance.

Music? Double damn! I love music! Acoustic, alternative, blues, classical, dance, disco, gospel, jazz, opera, pop, praise, punk rock, raw rock, RnB, soul, soul vibe, soundtracks, theater.

SwD 28 (comic book effect) 2Television shows? I don’t get to watch television these days. I’m more into online video streaming (YouTube). But for the record: Party Pilipinas. The Voice. American Idol. Britain’s Got Talent. Cartoon Network. Discovery. Disney. I grew tired with local TV.

How others perceive me? Some say I’m gallant, a good friend (who isn’t?), smart, witty, funny, pleasurable to be with, a great listener, and the list goes on.

How I perceive myself? Egotistic (obviously!) and narcissistic. Take note, both are different. Horny most of the time (sexually preoccupied), but never doing anything reckless. It’s all just in the mind; not in actions. Laughs in almost every situation, even though it’s not funny. (I may have psychiatric disorders, but I don’t affect my own and everyone else’s activities of daily living.) Bad temper, cold-blooded enemy. Despite all these, I’m GOD-fearing and revere being one with HIM. I know, it’s contrasting; but that’s just the way I am.

Profession? I am a Philippine-registered nurse: I took up four years of a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a state university from 2004 to 2008. After graduating in April, I took the licensing examinations in June and was informed to have passed in July. After that, my professional nursing life never took off. I don’t want to practice my profession. Sure, you get to help people who are sick, but I just cannot find fulfillment caring for the health-impaired. So, I got a two-month, contractual stint as a recruitment assistant at a contact center company. I liked it, but sadly, I had to end it. I then applied for a contractual web article writer position with a small outsourcing and offshore company. I stayed there for six months. After that, I did a lot of odd online writing and transcription jobs from home. I’m employed under the Department of Labor and Employment – Cordillera Administrative Region (DOLE-CAR) now. I am also finishing a Master’s degree in Development Communication via an open university. I hope to get into the media after completing the degree.

Aspirations? I aim to achieve a lot of things. Who doesn’t? Truth be told, I never knew as a kid what I wanted to do or to be when I “grew up”. It was only in third year college that I realized that I wanted to be a musical artist. I wanted to take a second course in music after nursing college. It never happened ’cause it was expensive (travel, board and lodging, and the educational expenses). I never gave up decided to work and save up for it, instead. It never happened since my father died in 2010. Because I’m an only child, I felt compelled to stay with my mom and keep her company. I took informal classical voice lessons for about a year. I convinced my mom that I really wanted to study music so I tried out for a premier conservatory twice. I failed on both attempts. I still don’t know what GOD wants me to do with this dream. I still sing though: weddings, Sunday masses, and karaoke ^_^ … but I do hope I’ll get somewhere I want to be in, someday.

Message? I’m missing you … I’m falling so hard that this aching heart really wants to reach for you… *What was that!!??*


I talk (write) a lot, right? Comments? Questions left unanswered? Suggestions? Just use the comment form below and leave your thoughts. I’ll get to them as soon as possible. 😀


17 thoughts on “Fact Me”

  1. Hello! I saw your fullsupportgamer blog because I was googling about RO stuff. Planning to focus on playing it (pero private server hehe, myRO). Awesome stories and experiences!


    1. Hi Arlet!

      Heh! Heh! It’s actually [re-sees]. You’ve got a nice blog as well! 😀

      Nice meeting you! You’re always welcome here!

  2. Your bio is so detailed it feels like I know and met you already. Cool.
    Also, it reminds me of our high school craze – the slum book.
    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog and also for leaving comments. I find your blog interesting and light so I’ll browse around.

    1. Hi yodz!

      Ah, slum books. Yeah, I think we all were crazy about them then . . . in my case, maybe even now since this page is similar to a slum book’s layout. 😀

      Thanks very much for visiting my blog site as well! You’re always welcome here. Hope you’ll find something worthwhile in here.


    1. Thanks very much, Midnight Orgasm!

      Nice meeting you too! Yeah, Rogue|Hero was my pen name for this blog site but “Meh!” I figured I might as well use my real first name–no use trying to be mysterious and all.

      Thanks for stopping by!

        1. Me too,

          I’ve added you as well to my feed reader. It was nice meeting you and reading your blog as well.


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