Content Policy

This content policy is valid from 06 November 2006 onwards.

Not all content on every published entry on this blog, The Real Recis, is created by the blog owner/author, Recis Dempayos. At times, published entries may derive content from copyrighted sources in which, authorization may not have been specifically obtained from the original creator. The use of such content, as in a “borrowed content scheme,” is assured to be properly cited and documented for. All content is assured not to be used for profit of What Recis Writes or of its blog author.

Any failure to reference borrowed content should be brought to the attention of Recis Dempayos.

“Borrowed content” is utilized in The Real Recis to advance the knowledge of, entertain, and inspire its readers, among others. The blog author believes that sharing content for this purpose constitutes a “fair use” of copyrighted material among artists, authors, publishers, etc.

Anyone—whose original work appears on The Real Recis (though properly documented for)—who wishes to have such content removed, can contact the blog author through this email address:

…or leave a message using the comment form below.

You can also leave a message on this page.

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