A “Smartphone” That is “More Camera”

Lately, I’ve been on the look-out for a camera. Actually, I’m wishing for a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, but those cost a lot. That is why that particular purchase would be for a future schedule. Right now, I’m looking for a simple digital camera that can also take great-looking videos.

I should probably be looking at the ever popular point-and-shoot cameras, but I want more features and camera-tweaking to fine-tune the photos I would like to take.

There are cameras that have features similar to DSLR’s BUT without the signature mirror of DSLR’s thus: mirrorless cameras. What attracted me to these types of cameras is their ability to change lenses, just like DSLR’s. Looks tempting actually, but their prices put me off. For a few bucks more, I could get an entry-level DSLR! What am I to do?

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Fun and Amusement, Personified

My favorite of the five guardians. 😀

First off, this is the first movie I will be watching this year.

A little over a month before the new year kicks in and I see my first movie this year just now. When I go over the reasons why, I would say I just forget that a movie I was dying to see was being screened because of “other things” that I have to do. Eventually, the screening time is over and I’m done doing my “other things”. Irritating, if you ask me.

Getting on with the movie: There is the concept of a Guardian who takes care of and protects the interests of children, specifically, what it is to be a child. There are four Guardians namely, Santa Claus (also called North in the movie), The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and Sandman. Respectively, they are the Guardians of: Wonder, Memories, Hope, and Dreams.

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Returning My Past Blog Niche

The first blog I created here at WordPress.com was called “Flick Scribbles”. It chronicled all my experiences and thoughts on the movies and television shows I watched. It had a definite and clear focus: movies, films, cinema, videos, television, you name it. That was back in 2008. I deleted the blog in 2011.

But as you can glean from the Month-Year categorization of my posts, I still have my posts from back then. Apparently, I exported my posts from Flick Scribbles into this blog. You can read about it here. Do note that the blog name, “What Recis Writes”, has again been renamed to the current, “The Real Recis”. 😛

So now, what do I want to do? I want to write about movies again! But of course, they will be integrated with all other blog content in here. But hey, now that I mentioned it, I haven’t watched a single movie this year! 😯

Seriously, I’ve been THAT busy!?

Adivay 2012 Civic Parade (YouTube Video Playlist)

Here’s my video playlist of the Adivay 2012 civic parade. This isn’t the complete civic parade, just some clips of the participants that I pieced together. Enjoy! 😀

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Project Festive :D

It’s 29 days before Christmas! LESS than a month! It’s amazing how time just goes by and you don’t really notice it with all the things that preoccupy your mind.


I don’t exactly remember when, but I just stopped decorating and being festive in the house when Christmastime comes. Was that in college? After college graduation? Looking back, I would say I was content just seeing my municipality and the nearby city full of Christmas decor. Those served as my sources of the “Christmas atmosphere”. Christmas decorations have gotten expensive. Since the municipal and city government could afford them, why not let them do the work of spreading holiday cheer to their constituents? 😛

But for this year, it seems I want something different. I want to bring back the excitement of decorating the house for Christmas! I want the Christmas atmosphere inside my home!

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