I Went to a Party, Mom

I read the following literary piece from The Philippine Star years ago, when I was still in sophomore high school. I shared the piece on our campus paper, and now, I am sharing it with you.

Note: I went around the Internet. Apparently, the author is unknown.

This poem left a lasting impression on me, which could account for why I don’t drink too much. (Okay, so I drink. At least, I don’t do so until I’m wasted.)

I do hope you will find inspiration within this literary piece:

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SMS: Simple Rules in Life

Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference anyway.

When playing games with children, let them win.

When someone hugs you, let them be the first to let go.

Wave at children on a school bus.

Keep a notepad and a pen on your bedside table. Million-dollar ideas sometimes strike at 3:00AM.

Look at people in the eye.

Compliment the meal when you’re a guest in someone else’s home.

Don’t expect life to be fair.

Smile. It’s free.

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I got an intractable headache the moment I stepped out of the cinema. Which is strange because I don’t get headaches while watching the silver screen. Which is not to say that Inception is a painful cinematic effort. Rather, it is a beautiful film . . . okay, not beautiful—that’s for stylized blockbusters—it’s not badass either since it isn’t a straight action flick . . . not awesome, not extreme . . . a thriller, yes but it doesn’t describe it well . . . let’s see . . . it’s intelligent, sophisticated fast-paced, no-nonsense, sexy, and respects its audience . . . ah yes . . . it’s brilliantly inquisitive.

A brilliantly inquisitive masterpiece!

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Predictive Input

Spain has won their first FIFA World Cup! Congratulations!

While the Spanish team and their countrymen delight themselves, another bit player shines in the limelight: Paul, the eight-legged oracle.

A salt-water tank octopus, Paul rose to fame within the context of the current World Cup by correctly predicting Germany’s win in all of its seven games. Everything was smooth for Germany, until Paul foretold their loss against Spain in the semifinals.

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