An Hour Off Won’t Hurt

We were green way before it was in.

—Energy Development Corporation (EDC)

Reading yesterday’s newspaper, I came across the above statement and was prompted to think for a minute: They’re right. Before the Industrial Revolution, Earth was an ecologically sound biosphere. People enjoyed cleaner air, fresh water, less pollution, had no problems with waste, and were generally living in peace.

Frankly, I would like to experience that kind of living. But I know that in the present lifetime, that would be impossible to achieve. The best thing to do then, would be to reconstruct this world to the ecologically sound characteristics it had back then. Reduce pollution. Propagate plants and trees for detoxification. Decrease environmental abuse. Embrace peace of mind.

Seems tough to do right? A simple solution would be to just switch off your lights later, at Earth Hour [27.03.2010 (Saturday) | 8:30PM].

La Trinidad Strawberry Festival 2010

The La Trinidad Strawberry Festival has finally kicked off! That signifies, for me, the official start of summer in the Philippines! Yeah man!

Annually, our municipality observes the Strawberry Festival. This is in conjunction with our municipality’s founding day, which occurs on the same month as the festival—March. And what better way to enjoy this celebration than by savoring different preparations of the core food of the month—strawberries!

I find myself very blessed to be within close access to strawberries anytime I want. Now, how did I enjoy the festival?

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Aguilera is on Her Way Back!

I was going over the Internet when I came across this sudden renovation from A countdown. And a subscription button. Ingenious!

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Happy Birthday Mama!

This is your day. Enjoy it. Leave all pain behind and keep moving forward. You are still here because life has a lot more in store for you. After all of the tribulations you have been through in your young life, you are now more worthy of life’s comfort. I will give you the best that you should’ve had… … …when I finally can. 😀

Still looks wonderful at 60.

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Happy Birthday Daddy!

It’s my dad’s birthday. It’s a shame he wasn’t able to wait for this day. He would’ve been 63. Maybe he would have agreed to retirement. And if that was the case, I would’ve thrown him a retirement party together with family, friends, and colleagues. *sigh!*

My dad is a rock star!

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