Who will be Fairy Tail’s Seventh Guild Master?

Indeed, who is worthy enough to take on the prestigious, but daunting task of leading and representing Fairy Tail?

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Well, I’ve been going around the web reading others’ thoughts on this. In this post, I list some potential candidates with my thoughts on them, summing up with who I would like to be “it”.

1. Makarov Dreyar


Fairy Tail will never be the same without Makarov. That has been a long-held statement ever since. When Makarov attempted to resign as guild master to atone for Laxus’ rash actions in the Battle of Fairy Tail, the members were not hearing of it. Also, when Gildarts, the fifth guild master, appointed Makarov back as the sixth guild master, everyone did agree that he was meant to be guild master forever.


However, after the disbandment, which was decided on by Makarov himself, I doubt that he would be enthusiastic to return as the seventh guild master. After all, he disbanded the guild and then, after only year, he would be willing to assemble everyone again? I do not think so.

2. Lucy Heartfilia


I would actually like to see Lucy as the next guild master. Her love for her guild runs deep, just like everyone else. However, she did keep tabs on everyone during the one year apart and she did take up a journalism job just so she could locate everyone as something to do on the side.


However, a guild master is usually one who has more developed and stronger magic than everyone else. Hmm… Still, I would like to see her be picked as the one.

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Fairy Tail 437: Magnolia Chapter Assessment

And so, we all go back to where everything started. This actually feels like the first chapter of Fairy Tail! Anyway, Lucy Heartfilia has written letters to everyone she could come in contact with saying to meet up in Magnolia so they could bring Fairy Tail back. She, Natsu Dragneel, Happy, Carla, and Wendy Marvell are thus back in Magnolia. It is but fitting that Lucy be the one to assemble everyone for since I started reading Fairy Tail, it felt like the original plan for this manga was to have her as the central character. But, it is much better that the focus was directed to a group and other individuals outside of it.

Getting back to the story, Lucy feels that after the uneventful disbanding one year ago, everyone must have gotten on and/or moved on with their lives. As such, she feels downtrodden. While feeling sad, Cana Alberona approaches her—as if we would not be able to recognize her just from her back! Hah! Anyway, she cheers up Lucy and says that the disbanding was a good break for everyone to learn new things outside of guild life and to grow. Although we did not see her reaction to the guild disbanding (along with Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, and Gajeel Redfox’s, which we would like to have seen) I am sure it was a shock to them.


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Fairy Tail 436: Memoirs Chapter Assessment

Upon inspecting the chapter cover, we see Zeref and the text, “Everything about myself… I will tell you.” OMG!! This is the chapter that is going to reveal a big secret, is it not?

Indeed, it is! We travel back 400 years ago to where Zeref’s history began, back when he was still a little kid. A backstory chapter, eh? Something in the vein of Fairy Tail Zero and Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail.

Apparently, Zeref was a brilliant child, a genius, at the Mildian Magic Academy. At a young age, he touched on a taboo: magic and its relation to life and death, something along the lines of necromancy. Then, we flash forward to the present and see that Zeref was dreaming about it(?). Then, he looks at the book of E.N.D., then exclaims, “Natsu…” then says that he had a younger brother once, but he died. In that moment, I knew that that younger brother was Natsu. It was not profound in my mind yet, but I knew and just kept it under wraps since I was just beginning to read the chapter.

Then, we flashback again and the young Zeref is now talking about the R-System. And then, we see a teenage Zeref researching on the Eclipse project. At that point, his superior says that he is expelled from the academy… and that his brother is not coming back.


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Fairy Tail 435: Shout of Victory Chapter Assessment

Alas! This is the first chapter of the last set of two-part chapter releases for Fairy Tail. But who knows? We might get other future two-part chapter releases!

Anyway, it is all positive and all smiles in this chapter! Natsu Dragneel has defeated one of the Yakuma 18 War Gods: Ikusatsunagi. It was a majestic feat, something akin to Erza defeating 100 A-, B-, and C-class monsters, and an S-class monster during the Grand Magic Games—probably even more! Considering that Ikusatsunagi was gigantic and as a size comparison, Natsu looked like a fly on Ikusatsunagi’s sword! I guess this arc was made to showcase Natsu’s ability and how much he has gotten stronger in one year. Also, it showcases the other Fairy Tail members’ magical and combat growth.

As I was expecting, Gajeel Redfox, Pantherlily, and Levi McGarden would show up together with the soldiers of the Magic Council after Avatar was defeated. Typical. Nevertheless, it was great that they got to be reunited! And with Gajeel and Natsu seeing each other after a year, hilarity ensues! I just could not believe that Natsu still underestimates Gajeel! And Erza Scarlet, too! They both thought Gajeel did not have it in him to be an officer of the Magic Council! Ha! Ha!


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Tale of Fairy Tail Ice Trail / Koori no Kiseki 10: The Forest Incident Chapter Assessment

Young Gray Fullbuster continues his hilarious adventures with Pause Lightless and Doronbo. Actually, if it was not for Doronbo, Gray and Pause’s travel to Magnolia would have been boring. Doronbo is actually the clown among the three, and there is no dull moment with Doronbo around. Doronbo’s wide-open eyes, creepy grin, and exaggerated surprised reactions are really enjoyable in this chapter! Ha! Ha!

Of course, Doronbo’s antics would not be funny if it were not for Gray’s irritable personality. He is easily annoyed with Doronbo’s behavior and the ensuing slapstick comedy is something to really crack for! 😀

Pause is still the same laid back, humble, and book-wormish mage character we met last chapter. He is the opposite of Doronbo and is not bothered at all by his antics, unlike Gray. You can say that Pause is the catalyst that keeps Gray and Doronbo together.

This chapter is an avenue for a bit of a backstory on Doronbo and provides for his character development. As a thief, Doronbo is actually a scaredy-cat but says it helps him in his role since it helps him react to danger in an instance, more like a “spider sense” (referencing The Amazing Spider-Man). It is also revealed that Doronbo was once a part of a gang of thieves who, because of his doing, was captured and he had no other recourse but to run away.


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