Christina Aguilera’s Impressions of Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and More!

After the affront to Team Christina on The Voice (U.S. Season 8), it is good to see a video of her doing impressions on The Voice (U.S.) YouTube channel. With the atrociously rigged elimination of Christina Aguilera’s entire team, we were enraged that we will never get to see her perform with Kimberly Nichole or India Carney, much more, see her perform at all! Since we were hoping Xtina would do more impressions, we are glad to see her in this video doing so of other celebrities we hoped she would impersonate.

There is an idea that a person capable of impressions—either in speech, in singing, or in both—is truly a very good singer.

Definitely, she is a Master of Impressions!


Fairy Tail 430: Purification Ritual Chapter Assessment

Seeing Wakaba Mine on the cover is just… Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh well, Gray Fullbuster’s opening statement,

…There’s no way I’d join some creepy guild like this anyway.

…puts everything back into place. *sigh of relief* Thankfully, Gray was also able to control the marks on his body with Porlyusica’s help. Erza Scarlet’s choice of words like,

It’s always better to have less people know about the mission, as it raises the rate of success

…is one of the things I missed about her. She could have simply said, “to keep other people out of trouble,” but no, she chose “rate of success” instead. She just has a different way of getting things across.

Then comes a shocking revelation that should have been given utmost emphasis: Avatar is not just the small guild like the one Gray infiltrated. It is NOT even the main branch of the guild; rather, it is just a “small part of it”. With that, we get the impression that Avatar is a much bigger guild of Zeref-followers, possibly bigger than the Balam Alliance of chapters and arcs past.

In a touching moment, Gray apologizes to Lucy Heartfilia for having to put up a cruel act to cover his real allegiance. He also laughs at the thought that a maid hit him, which makes Lucy blush. There is some tension between these two… Hmm…


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Do not be frightened. Do take this seriously, though. In the future, where I am in, there is a campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day wherein women would give advice to their younger selves through writing or recording a video. The campaign is called #DearMe. Do not be confused by the use of the pound sign in the campaign name. It is a trend in the future, called a hashtag. I will not explain it; you’ll understand later on. There are more important matters to tell you. By the way, we are not women, but I do feel the need to write to you, my younger self, regardless. That explains the existence of this letter to my younger self, because honestly, the future sucks right now.

You are 13. Just graduated from elementary and now, going to high school, right? I remember that you were upset then because most of your friends from elementary will be going to San Jose High School, while you will be going to Benguet State University – Secondary Laboratory School. DO NOT BE UPSET! You will enjoy it! It is going to be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. You will be in the Agricultural Science section and you will make friends—extended brothers and sisters—who will be people you will be with for life.

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Punctuation Lessons from Webcomics

I was going over and stumbled upon a neat webcomic on how to use semicolons. The semicolon is often a confusing punctuation mark that most people learning English writing fail to grasp. Indeed, making a graphic lesson on semicolon-use instills deeper understanding and retention. I’m a fan of the use of graphics and imagery in teaching; it’s a great enhancer for learning.

In case you didn’t know, a webcomic is … obviously, a website with comics as its main content. These are usually created by independent and self-publishing comic illustrators. There is a lot of variety in webcomics, instead of the traditional funny strips with one-liner punchlines. They can be avante garde, graphic novels, lite comics, and in the case of the following strip from The Oatmeal, educational.

Click How to use a semicolon – The Oatmeal to view the comic strip on semicolon-use.

Seven Books I’ve Read in 2012

I believe that this is a tough list to make, now that I’m just going over the books that I’ve read this year. I can’t recall much of the books that I’ve read this year. Actually, it would seem that most of what I’ve read were blog posts and short stories posted on the Internet. Other materials that I’ve perused were my academic books and modules.

We’ve got a problem: I believe the books that I’ve read account for less than seven! Of course, by books, we mean novels: either hard bound or paperback copies. You know, those kinds of books that one usually reads as a pastime, and NOT as a coerced activity.

With that, I’ve decided to include notable online posts and some academic-related articles that I read and studied to this list:

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