This farewell
Chronicles the afflictions all throughout
All the times when I cared.

Off I then go to an era
Where people in pain cry out
     Of broken relationships,
     Of losing,
     Of being alone.

As I have walked on paths
     Of sweet passions and bitter frustrations,
     Of springtime flowers and bloodshed fortunes,
     Of cold nights and amber sunsets…

Heart-pounding nightmares.
Enlightening but absurd.


I often undergo a state of reverie
And cross visions
     Of dreams of green leveled plains
     Or white snow-capped mountains
     Of smiles, joy, and laughter,
     Of truth and love…

On every glittering night,
I feel  a reflection of my real world
Without you by my side
But with a tear on my face—
Filled with
     …a blue specter.

So I go
On the journey you inspired me to take.
From my dream,
You speak,
But full of mystery.

And I wait the perfect time
When choices would be kind enough
To alter my destiny
And allow me to join
The inside.
Leave the outside.

Acknowledgment is due to the Mountain Breeze (Vol. XXXIV No. 1 June-October, 2003), the official English student publication of Benguet State University-Secondary Laboratory School, where the poem was first published. Registered & Protected

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