Shrek Forever After

It’s distressing when an animated series that has endeared itself to me is now down to its final act. After the release of Shrek the Third back in 2007, reports claimed that the Shrek series will run for seven installments. I wished DreamWorks didn’t bring my hopes up in the first place so I wouldn’t feel woeful now. The Shrek series was a great addition to the animated movie genre. It has the things that I look for in a comically twisted animation: A pseudo-medieval setting, retro ballads for a soundtrack, satire, spoofs, slapstick comedy, rudeness, and disgust. What other animated flick has these elements?

But yeah, things come to an end anyway. *sigh!*

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Iron Man 2

Finally, I got to watch the second installment of the Iron Man series. I’ve gone over several websites and was pleased to discover that overall, the movie received positive reviews. That fact assured me that this isn’t a follow-up blockbuster dud. Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t watch this if critics previewed this negatively; I will definitely watch this movie even if they didn’t like it.

What made me want to see this sequel was the outcome of the first installment. Because the first was a success, I wanted to see what the producers will think of next. Expectations were definitely high for the second movie, and it’s comforting to know that it hits the right spot.

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Column: Post Elections

The Coverage

I applaud GMA-7 for their exceptional coverage of the 2010 Philippine election. Their coverage was on-air most of the time to ensure that updates immediately got through to the viewers. As always, they were professional in their reporting. They presented various problems or encounters during the elections in real-time. They even risked their lives to present the low-down during noted occurrences of election-related violence.

Their use of advanced gadgetry also pleased me—touchscreens, holograms, iPads, the works! Congratulations to GMA News and Public Affairs for a job well done!

For First-Time Voters

Welcome to the world of the electorate! This is how we let our desire for a better society be heard. Actually, you guys are lucky—it’s your first time to vote and you get to experience it the automated way.

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Fellowman, how did your voting go?


Well, yesterday, I suggested to my mom that we go to the voting precinct as early as 6:30AM to avoid the over-flux of voters later in the day. Instead, she suggested that we go in the afternoon at about after lunch because most people in our community are early birds also. She added that they will definitely want to be at the precinct earlier so they could tend to their work immediately after casting their votes.

I had intended to see Iron Man 2 in the afternoon after voting in the early morning, but resolved that it could be rescheduled. Still, I thought that going in the afternoon was not a good idea.

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You know what happens tomorrow, right?

Tomorrow will be my third time to participate in Philippine elections. Actually, I’m not really sure if it’s my third, second, fourth, or whatever. I’ve been a registered voter since 2006 and I’ve never missed taking part in the elections basically, for fear of revocation of registration with the COMELEC, which then could hamper future plans of applying for a visa. 😀 Continue reading You know what happens tomorrow, right?