Midyear Checklist

checklist-clipartAfter living through the half of 2011 and still feeling unaccomplished, I am compelled to list out all the things that need to be done before the last week of this December:

  • Finish painting the damn house. October last year, my mom and I embarked on a total house overhaul. Repairs were done. Rearranging took place. House-painting, inside out was initiated however, it never got a hundred percent done due to small details. You know: Painting small areas, critical wall areas, boundaries between rooms and planned color coordination, those kind of stuff. It entails a lot of precision (slowly but surely) and concentration to  an area, which can really get on your nerves. At the end of a painting day, I get really tired and lose interest in continuing the job the next day. There’s something about precision painting that really saps all of your energy.

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Jaguar + Tiger = Jagger

Amidst all the songs coming out lately, I haven’t found one that I would consider my “new favorite anthem.” There’s just too much auto-tuned, metallic tracks being played that my ears are beginning to rust.

Thankfully, one of my favorite bands, Maroon Five, thought of featuring Christina Aguilera (another one of my favorites) on their new song: Moves Like Jagger. I have to say,

Maroon Five + Christina Aguilera = Naughty and Fun but still Sophisticated

I love it! Definitely me new favorite song for the second half of the year! I just wished Aguilera had more parts on the song. They could also have made the song a little longer; I just love the lazy whistling all throughout, and those riffs on the final “jagger” in the chorus.

It may sound a little electronica, but it still retains that Maroon Five vibe (thanks to Adam Levine’s unique voice timbre). And by adding Christina Aguilera, it went on to have a sexy sound. The song was performed live on The Voice, a reality singing show where Levine and Aguilera are resident coaches.

Daddy: I Now Miss

origami-crane-father-and-sonFatherhood requires a lot, that I can very much attest to, as I have seen it in my dad. It will first put you under pressure and some scrutiny, but once you get past that, it rewards you with a child. Then, it gives you another test: How much you can do and give up for to protect and nourish an infant. As a toddler, you engage him in toilet training, eating vegetables, restricting television viewing time, etc. It never stops there: Just when you thought that your kid is growing big enough to tend for himself, he starts going to school! The first day of school can be embarrassing. You walk/drive him to and from the institution. This goes on until he gets confident enough to go to school by himself. You have some time to focus on other things until he starts high school. In this stage, he starts “developing.” It’s the awkward stage of every guy, so conversation delves on voice changes, pubic hair, pimples, grades, and girls. Girls, girls, girls. This goes on and on until college. Then, mid-college, conversation turns to current events, ideas, causes, what you believe in, all those stuff. Come graduation, you put pressure on your kid to start looking for a job; and he dare not get a girlfriend yet, not until he is employed and self-supporting.

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The Crane

I browsed over the papers yesterday and found a thumbnail of a collection of illustrations on how to create a paper crane. I’ve wanted to learn how to fold an origami crane since I-don’t-remember-when. I’ve got the Internet, books on origami, YouTube, and other resources but somehow, this simple act of learning how to do an origami crane never pushed through.

So in an act of impulsiveness, I tried to learn the procedure last night. I located the image I saw on the paper on the web (Thanks, Google!) and downloaded the image. I was able to get through the first half of the instructions; the other half was a little confusing but thankfully, I immediately figured it out. Folds and creases here and there, reverse folding, and voila! The finished product:


After making that huge origami crane, I decided to make another miniature version (The one beside it.). Perfect! I now have another idea on how to decorate our home (And I do mean it! I’m trying to decorate the house!)!

I found the image and instructions for the origami crane at Mrs Scully – connecting kids. Thanks very much to the site moderators. If you’re interested, go ahead and click the link. 😀


My 24th Birthday . . .

. . . is just right. It ain’t spectacular, but it ain’t bad either. I woke up at 4:00AM and saw a lunar eclipse—characterized by a bloody-red moon—and thought that this may be nature’s way of sending her greeting. I checked my Facebook profile and voila! . . . birthday greetings started coming in! I ate a little breakfast, went out to jog around my hometown, and then joined a Tae Bo class at my university. I went home immediately afterward, and opened my Facebook account again. More greetings! Commented, liked, and thanked the people who remembered; more accurately, those who saw Facebook’s birthday notification and took the time to go to my wall to greet me. 😀

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