Appreciating the Igorota

I feel fortunate to be born in a region full of beautiful ladies. Every morning, I see them on public utility jitneys, clean and in proper sexy clothing. I pass sidewalks and witness their naturally light skin glowing against the morning sun. When the wind blows, their black to brunette hair—be it cropped short, short, medium, or long—billows rhythmically. Their black to dark brown eyes sparkle when they smile. And I’m sure every guy would melt once they get a glance of that genuine smile of the Igorota.

What more can one ask for when he lives in a place of overflowing loveliness of girls? But beauty does not last, as they say. Thankfully, the damsels of the Igorot highlands harbor such splendor not only skin-deep, but also within their souls.

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Amy Winehouse, 27

amy-winehouseI was deeply shocked upon reading that she was found dead at her home. I couldn’t believe it! After reading all the Tweets, I did a Google search and there, it sinked in. She really is gone.

It’s so sad that she’s gone—after the hype with her Back to Black album. I was actually expecting another record release, something that would be on par with her last. She truly is a musical genius. That is reflected in the tracks she recorded, the lyrics she wrote, and the arrangements she and others have come up with. I was expecting more music, more of her work. I definitely admire what she has accomplished artistically.

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Object Lesson I

Never share too much information about yourself—your profile, current state, experiences, people you know, everything. Leave secrets for yourself and for the people you dearly hold close to your heart. That way, you retain something worthwhile, something you and the significant people in your life would cherish.

You may not realize it, but the things that you share with others may have a negative impact on their lives. You may be doing something good/something that you enjoy, but is it right/the right thing to be doing? People may misinterpret it and follow suit; in the process, you destroy their lives the same way you have destroyed yours. You already have a problem and yet, you planted the same trouble in other people’s lives. You have just doubled your responsibility.

In the same thread, never accept everything shared to you—ideas, information, experiences, stories, connections, everything. Think through everything before integrating it into your system. Open-mindedness does NOT mean accepting every idea as it is; it simply means learning/knowing about something—that’s it—but not really submitting to the idea. Be responsible for yourself—don’t do things that you’ll regret later on, things that would complicate your life. GOD meant us to be smart decision-makers, always siding with what is right over what is good. Don’t make yourself pathetic by choosing pleasure/happiness over integrity.

The Porcupine’s Kisses by Stephen Dobyns (with Illustrations by Howie Michels)

the-porcupine's-kisses-by-stephen-dobyns-with-illustrations-by-howie-michelsDefinitely inspiring and the best poetry album I have come across!

Then again, that might be a false generalization since this is just the first poetry and prose-poems book that I have ever purchased. I saw it once in a book sale in 2009 for PhP99.00 and thought, “What the heck! Let’s try it out!”

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Browser-Hunting Mode

web-browsersWhen I was first introduced to the Internet, my very first web browsing experience was of course, through Microsoft Internet Explorer. It was pretty standard back then in Internet cafés, especially here in the Philippines, where Windows was the dominant OS software for PCs.

In time, I was introduced to another web browser, Netscape. It was clean and very user-friendly—I actually consider it the “Firefox of back then.”

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