“Ngayong Wala Ka Na” by Aiza Seguerra

I first heard this song from the movie, Kimmy Dora. Strange to find an emotive song in the OST of a Filipino comedy movie, but that’s just the way it is. Yep, aside from the hilarious Eugene Domingo antics, there is also a tear-jerker scene towards the end.

Back to the song. Obviously, it’s about a beloved who’s gone—who’s not coming back anymore—and realizing too late that that beloved meant so much. Not exactly emo, just something along the lines, “I love you came too late.”

The main reason I liked this song is, aside from the heart-wrenching lyrics, it’s accentuated by Aiza Seguerra’s soothing voice. The expression for whatever song is very evident in her voice and in here, it swells the heart.

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The Vision of Escaflowne

I finished watching another animé series—my most favorite at that—on my smartphone. Granted, I could have achieved the same by watching on a TV or computer, but I would have dragged myself to so. Sometimes, watching a big screen can be lousy, probably because you feel you have limits in movement and on how you position your body while watching. But on a miniature screen, you can go anywhere, ride on anything, and be in any position—all while enjoying your show.


Where was I? Ah yes—my most favorite animé: The Vision of Escaflowne. I come from the generation that grew during the influx of animé in the Philippines. I’m sure each member of the “animé generation” has had/still has a favorite series.

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The Lovely Bones (novel by Alice Sebold, movie directed by Peter Jackson)

the-lovely-bonesOver the past week, I indulged in reading Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones; afterwards, I saw the movie adaptation. I’ve heard of this novel before and wanted to see what caused quite a stir back then. From what I remember, there was an American community that was in an outrage over the novel. Accordingly, the novel was based on a gruesome crime that happened in the said community; however, the events chronicled in the book were over-the-top and thus, their outrage. I tried doing an online search but it seemed that articles pertaining to the true story are no longer searchable.

When I opened the book, there was the proverbial disclaimer:

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Oh well.

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Dragonfly Season

This is the closest photo of a dragonfly that I can get. *sigh!*

I hadn’t noticed it for a while, but it’s “dragonfly season” again! I don’t know if there’s an official festival or event for it but for me, the middle of August is when I get to see loads of dragonflies hovering around our house. Although now, there really aren’t loads of them; they have seem to decrease in number as years went by. I hadn’t noticed it until now.

I have since been enamored by dragonflies. Personally, they are more beautiful than the more popular showy insects like the butterflies. Dragonflies are simpler when it comes to wing aesthetics. On wing design, however, they are able to move around more freely in under minimal space. If you’ll look at dragonflies’ wings under a microscope, you’ll see striated lines branching everywhere while seemingly being encased in a clear but sturdy film. At times, their wings have color: Off brown, light rust, or greenish.

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What Pets Write in Their Diaries

diary-clip-artI rummaged through my email inbox again and came across excerpts of the diary entries of a dog and a cat, the two most common household pets. I really love it ’cause it fits in with my impression on cats and dogs—in a funny sort of way.

No offense to dog-lovers (I prefer cats.), I know they are intelligent despite being portrayed as dumb animals; but the darnedest things that dogs do (and write in their diaries, for that matter) just crack me up! 😀

As for cats, I always pictured them as being as fierce as lions and tigers—they’re just miniature versions of both. Additionally, I see them as having a more profound intelligence quotient than that of dogs (I said, no offense to dog-lovers!).

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