Gupit Para sa mga Lalaki: Undercut | Haircut for Men: Undercut

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So, isa sa mga nagiging usong gupit ngayon ay yung tipong, one-fourth inch sa sides, one-fourth inch sa likod, tapos mahaba sa taas (more than five inches); bale, di na babawasan sa taas. Tapos, kung i-style mo, palikod yung mahaba sa taas, bale comb over or pompadour ika nga sa U.S. at U.K.

Actually, maraming variation ang mga gupit na ito, pero isa ang tawag sa pangkalahatan: disconnected haircut. Bakit “disconnected”? Kasi, yung part kung saan mag-mi-meet yung one-fourth inch na buhok at yung mahabang buhok, “disconnection” ang tawag dun. Tignan ninyo nalang yung photo:

Disconnection kung saan nag-meet ang maiksi at mahabang buhok.

Etong style na ito, in siya nung mga 1990s, medyo iba lang ng bahagya: mas maikli sa bandang taas tapos hindi masyadong skin head yung nasa sides at sa likod.

Ganito ang naging gupit ko ng tatlong buwan at marami akong nagustuhan at di nagustuhan sa gupit at styling nito. Kung gusto ninyong kumuha ng ganitong gupit, eto ang mga kailangang ninyong malaman:

Ano ang sasabihin sa barbero?

Noong nagpagupit ako ng ganito, sinabi ko nalang na “undercut” and gupit ko. Yun na, wala nang ibang explanation. Siyempre, kailangang pilliin ang barber shop kung saan ka magpapagupit. Ako, doon sa salon-barber house na may sariling pwesto, HINDI yung mga nasa mall o commercial building. Yun yung talagang barber shop na sarili tapos mga lalaking nagpapgupit lang ang mga cliente nila; hindi siya mixed with mga stylist na pambabae.

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Clearing the Zit Face

I was a pimply guy in high school and in college. Well, not really overflowing with pimples and acne, but I did go through a phase of overactive sebaceous glands with pore-filled skin. I don’t know where I heard it, but someone said that once teenagers become young adults (ages 18 to 39), pimples and acne start to fade.

With what I’m going through now, I beg to DISAGREE!!

Yes, as of now, I have a pimply face. Oh they may be just a handful (seven), but they’re still there! And they will stay there for more than two months! Arrgggh!! I say two months because once the pimples dry out, they leave scars that take such time before they are completely gone.

The worst part of having pimples?

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YOU Resolve to Lose Weight and Be Fit! (2/7)

Before reading this blog post, kindly go over the earlier published blog post, YOUR New Year’s Resolution: Preface, first.

It has been reported over and again that fighting the bulge is the foremost new year’s resolution that people make. It’s ironic because every new year occasion and the holiday festivities beforehand involve a lot of eating, mostly high-caloric and high-cholesterol food. This constant partying is probably the main reason why this resolution is composed.

You see, it all starts with a simple remark made by family, friends, or strangers you meet at a holiday party. “Wow! You look healthier!” which at times, can be interpreted as, “You’re as lively as a jolly, fat man!” “You’ve grown!” is a more blunt way of saying it. “Aren’t you pigging out a little?” and “You’ve really piled your plate!” are other irritating statements. Those who are able to restrain themselves from overeating are, however, urged to take more from the table, making them feel guilty afterward.

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I’m Back in the Gym!

At long last, I was able to get back to working out in the gym. I stopped lifting weights almost seven months ago. Before getting back to the gym, I felt like my skin was beginning to accumulate again with fat. This is despite the fact that I have never gained any pounds since halting my workout routine. Every time I look in the mirror, I see a combination of hard-to-get-rid-of fat and some loose skin. I feel like a cow.

You know those lose patches of skin and fat on cows? That's what I see in my body. I know, I'm exaggerating, but (I think!) I've got Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD).

See, in my college years, I weighed over 100 kilograms! In my last year, I realized the health implications of my obesity (and that I couldn’t really enjoy my youth). So I started to get rid of all the pounds. I initiated “Operation Pagpapapayat (Getting Thin)” in June 2007 by restricting taking anything by mouth eight hours before my hour of sleep. In my first month, I lost 10 kg. As my dieting went on, I lost only five kilograms. I then went into a gym in November of the same year. Five months of working out brought me to 80 kg. Then, I stopped to give my body a break and for my skin to tighten.

I returned to lifting weights in November 2008 and kept at it until May of this year. I was able to reach 69 kg. as my weight. I am now 70 kg. For my height (5’7″) and large frame size, my ideal weight would be 65 kg. I hope I reach that goal before summer of next year.