The Closing of the Heart

I believe that in every guy’s life, there comes a time when he decides to close his heart. Primarily, the purpose of such is to shun out feelings or the ability to feel. But how can one do this when feelings stem from within, which will eventually affect that which was sealed. It totally beats the purpose. It’s more probable to seal the outside world from one’s heart. But just how do you seal a heart so it wouldn’t feel the emotions it rouses? You make a sealed chamber within your heart where you put all emotions? Which part of the heart is the main component for feeling, anyway? If we know this, then it would be easy to separate which from which.

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My Piece of the Internet

It’s been exactly a year and a month since I last posted on this blog. Thankfully, I was able to fix my past blog posts, if only in their appearances. I also changed my blog address and blog name. Additionally, I integrated links to my other blog sites. Next up, I’m going to scan through all the content and optimize it, fix grammar issues, and generally make it web-friendly. I’m coming back to blogging and this will be my piece of the Internet. 😀