Curtain by Agatha Christie

I settled not to work this weekend—I needed to get my entire body out of work to reboot itself. So, while my system is on auto-defragmentation, I decided to go over one of the novels I bought before but never really got to read right away. I chose Curtain by Agatha Christie.

Curtain 3 (Copyrighted, Cropped)
It’s my new favorite Agatha Christie-Hercule Poirot murder mystery novel!

At first, I felt something peculiar about this novel. It’s like I read something significant about it before but all together, it looked like any normal Christie novel. When I researched on Wikipedia, that was when all my assumptions were justified: Curtain chronicles the last murder mystery case of Christie’s main protagonist, Hercule Poirot. “Oh great!,” I thought. I’ve read just two Hercule Poirot murder mystery novels and now, I’m about to read his last case! And from what I gathered, he dies in this novel.

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Mga Kababayan, Let’s Move Forward

I’ve been going over the Philippine blogosphere today, and majority of the posts that I’ve read tackle the recent calamities that hit our country. As a blogger, I’ve never really thought of coming up with similar blog post topics. And I live within one of the areas heavily affected by the typhoons (notably, typhoon Pepeng)!

I reside in La Trinidad, Benguet—the town where Puguis (Little Kibungan) is located. As you know, the landslides in this area have been one of the most deadly. Another landslide in my hometown occurred at Buyagan, another barrio in La Trinidad. Fatalities were also recorded there. Total deaths from landslides have amounted to 75. Our local paper published photos of all the landslides in our area. Aside from numerous photos, their pages were also filled with various obituaries. Claims like “Victim of the landslide that occurred at Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet” took up print space. I saw a picture of both parents and one of two children lost in an instant—the other child is alive and is now facing life, parent- and sibling-less. I’ve also had a former schoolmate who lost his parents and sisters in a landslide. He’s now moving on without his home and immediate family. Loved ones were lost, survivors were left all alone.

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Lt. Stanton is the Real Rogue|Hero!

I’ve finally been able to watch Battle for Terra and I am so thankful that I did. I’m so thankful that this 2007 animated flick was remastered and shown here in my area. I’m so thankful that this original 2D flick was rendered in live 3D because the effects are absolutely stunning! I’m so thankful that Aristomenis Tsirbas wrote it because it’s a great addition to the stories that we know. I’m so thankful that producers Ryan Colucci and Keith Calder supported this storyline because it really is worth telling. I’m so thankful that Aristomenis Tsirbas also directed this film because he was able to get the right movie formula out of the story. To stress, I’m so veerrryyy thankful that I decided to watch this film!


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A Unique Type of Annihilation

Actually, I wanted to watch the 3D animated film, Battle for Terra, which started screening yesterday. I took half a day off from work for this purpose. I left the office at 12:00NN but, despite my intentions, I missed the screening by three minutes. I was told that I could still go in, however, the show already started. The cinema doesn’t allow repeat viewing of 3D films, so it’s either wait for the next screening time or never mind missing the opening. The latter was definitely out of the question, and I didn’t want to wander anywhere for two hours. My resolve? Go home and rent a VCD. Battle for Terra can wait for tomorrow or even on Saturday; the weekend is near anyway.

Wallpaper of The Day the Earth Stood Still from the official website.
Wallpaper of The Day the Earth Stood Still from the official website.

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Column: These Two Weeks

The past two weeks were certainly extraordinary. Death of kittens, two typhoons, various landslides in my hometown, no power for eight days, impending food shortage, blocked roads, endless days of eating and lying around my bed, possible weight gain, rising calamity death tolls, boredom, and endless work-related stress. Thankfully, everything’s gradually letting up. There’s nowhere to go but forward.


Speaking of the death of my kittens, I’m still missing them. I have heard all the heartbreak love songs on the radio lately, and instead of mulling over my love life, I grieve over those two critters. So this is how it feels to lose someone or something so dear to you. How much more painful is it if one of your immediate family dies?

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