Moving From Madagascar to Africa

As I now have a craving for animated films, I hit the theater to experience another fun-filled adventure with Universal Picture’s Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa.

Note: This post is way too late, I know. Madagascar 2 has already been showing for almost a month but I only got the time NOW to post this. Sorry!

The poster for the movie.
The poster for the movie.

This sequel stars the same characters and voice actors to the popular 2005 film. It starts with a baby lion cub named Alakay, son of the king of the jungle, Zuba. Zuba plays with his son but at some point, neglects Alakay who becomes captured by poachers. Zuba catches the poachers but is unable to retrieve Alakay. In the course of the chase, Alakay’s crate falls into a river connected to the sea. The crate drifts to New York city where he becomes an instant sensation in the Central Park zoo. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the story of the origin of Alex.

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Gotta Find Camp Rock

Just before the release of High School Musical 3: Senior Year, I found out that another Disney Channel Original Movie was shown: Camp Rock. As I wasn’t able to watch it on the Disney Channel, I rented the video just as soon as it was out. It stars Demi Lovato as Mitchie and Kevin Jonas as Shane.

Camp Rock

Camp Rock has the same conflict as that in the first High School Musical: being yourself; only, for both movies, the premise is presented differently. In HSM, Troy and Gabriella were forced by their peers to conceal their true selves, while in Camp Rock, Mitchie lacked the confidence to be proud and reveal her true self. I guess Disney will never stop campaigning for being “true to your heart.”

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Free Will

Angels. Divine beings who act as messengers of GOD. As I child, I envisioned them as divine beings in human form, with or without wings, blond hair :), and robed in an overflowing cloth of white. But after watching City of Angels, my perception of these messengers was altered.

I love this pose!
I love this pose!

“What if an angel fell in love with a human being?” That is the very foundation of the 1998 movie, City of Angels, starring Nicholas Cage as Seth, an angel; and Meg Ryan as Maggie Rice, a heart surgeon who becomes Seth’s object of love. The film is a remake of the 1987 German film, Wings of Desire.

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Sinking of Japan

I’ve watched numerous flicks of the doomsday genre all throughout my life. I must have unconsciously considered these types of films as one of my favourite movie genres since I always feel that nagging urge to watch one whenever one comes out.

There are various premises used in these “end-of-the-world” science fiction films. We have the famous “asteroid-hitting-Earth” theme of Armageddon and Deep Impact. There’s the failure of the inner core of the Earth to spin in The Core. Then, we the deadly climate and weather changes in The Day After Tomorrow.

If you notice the trend in disaster movies, most have refocused from the whole world in general, to specific countries or places and would usually involve local natural disasters. Examples would be Twister, Tornado!, and finally, Sinking of Japan.

Kou Shibasaki as Reiko Abe in the movie. She's a beautiful disaster squad rescuer!

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