Shrek Forever After

It’s distressing when an animated series that has endeared itself to me is now down to its final act. After the release of Shrek the Third back in 2007, reports claimed that the Shrek series will run for seven installments. I wished DreamWorks didn’t bring my hopes up in the first place so I wouldn’t feel woeful now. The Shrek series was a great addition to the animated movie genre. It has the things that I look for in a comically twisted animation: A pseudo-medieval setting, retro ballads for a soundtrack, satire, spoofs, slapstick comedy, rudeness, and disgust. What other animated flick has these elements?

But yeah, things come to an end anyway. *sigh!*


*Minor Spoilers!*

What happens when you’re not ready for parenthood, more accurately referred to, as domesticity? This is Shrek’s dilemma in Shrek Forever After. Yes, he’s a royal of Far Far Away, a father, is Fiona’s spouse, and an all-around househusband. With all the time he dedicates to this calling, he barely has time to enjoy himself. He misses his old life; back when he was single, carefree, and a wildly feared ogre.

He would actually give a day to relive such a lifestyle once again.

And this is where the infamous Rumpelstiltskin comes in. Like all antagonists in the Shrek universe, this manikin/dwarf desires the kingdom of Far Far Away and devices a plan to take it from Shrek—indefinitely! We all know Rumpelstiltskin’s tale. He does the same old tricks of performing/granting a person’s wishes in return for something—material or otherwise. However, in Forever After, you enter into a written contract with him, in exchange for something very valuable in your life. Also, you don’t break the contract by guessing his name (just like in his fairytale). Instead, every contract that you enter into with him has a hidden exit clause applicable to a specific wish.

And such is the exit clause of Shrek’s contract that prompts the beginning of yet another wild chase.

*End of Spoilers*

Lessons Learned

The movie is packed with several hidden morals but two really stood out for me.

First, be content with and enjoy the things that you have now. You never realize it, but you are so blessed no matter what your situation is. Hey, you’re even more blessed than most people! So be thankful, don’t pity your current status and just enjoy life as it comes.

The second and equally important lesson I grasped is . . . to take ultimate caution when signing contracts. Based on the movie, I have derived the following advice:

  1. Beware of a contract whose author you suspect of being mischievous, evil, vengeful, and a real-estate thief. Ideally, a contract is written by all parties concerned within it present.
  2. Refrain from signing a contract after taking in something intoxicating.
  3. If possible, always have a lawyer present to go through every detail before signing your name.
  4. Read through everything stated, most especially the fine print. Ask for enough time to go over the whole document.
  5. Think of the repercussions of entering into a contract. Will it provide long-term benefits to all parties?
  6. Don’t make deals with manikins/dwarves, most specially Rumpelstiltskin! Nothing’s fair with him: His exit clause can only be decoded through origami!

Readiness for Married Life

It struck me that Shrek wasn’t exactly prepared to leave single-hood and raise a family. With reference to Shrek and Shrek 2, I would say that he sort of rushed falling in love and tying the knot. But of course, this is only in theory. I mean, how old is Shrek anyway? How old was he when he and Fiona got married? Were they psychologically, emotionally, and physically prepared for domesticity? Whatever his age, clearly, he still wasn’t ready.

This reaffirms my belief that the early to mid 20s are not the right ages for matrimony. At such young ages, people should be enjoying their lives (as a bachelor/bachelorette) and preparing themselves to become decent husbands, wives, and parents. Sadly, today’s young men and women mess around with too much raging hormones, leading to unwanted pregnancies, rushed and unrecognized marriages, and finally, messed up family lives.

Why are you such in a hurry to get married and have kids? Do you have the ability to support your child’s needs? Food. Clothing. Toys. Schooling. Allowances. Do you have a sturdy home to protect your family? House and lot. Monthly/yearly rental fees. Water. Electricity. A healthy place to live in. Are you capable of achieving these needs and sustaining them?

It’s best that for now, you enjoy life, achieve most of your dreams, and make yourself filthy rich. And then, you can settle down.

Back to Shrek

As earlier stated, it’ so sad to say goodbye to the Shrek series. But even so, it gave the performance of its life by rendering itself in wonderful 3D. It was a real tickler that made me look at the funny side of life and fairytales. Man! I really loved its spoofs on fairytales. I just hope DreamWorks would come up with something of the same formula, but I highly doubt it—Shrek will be one of the best spoofs there ever was.

On a positive note, there will be a spin-off to the Shrek series: Puss in Boots: Story of an Ogre Killer. I’m looking forward to this because Puss in Boots of the Shrek series is my favorite character! Wasn’t he just freakin’ cute being obese in Forever After? 😀



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