*groan* *hic*Happeee… New Year…!!… 2010!!! *hic*

It’s a partteee in the aaaRRR-PPPeee (RP)!! *hic*


Blazing streaks stretch
On diamond black skies
With pops and sizzles
As an old year ties.

Still, bitter frustrations remain
Within a soul so scarred—
Though the mind stays sane,
Never will the heart be the same.

Eyes shining through the light
So lovely
And yet,
Reds, yellows, and blues.
Purples, oranges, and greens.
Lights that immense the spirit
Inspiring whole-hearted bliss.

Scars fade,
Reflections change,
But woes linger.
Held in
Sanity be preserved,
Destruction will crumble.

Now I hold recollections
Of almost having you,
     when strong I was,
     when fortune smiled down.
Through the empty space
You kiss,
That the newborn
Nurtures me anew;
That moving forward
Never has to feel



Dedicated to all that I lost this year—relatives, friends, pets, and aspirations.

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Rizal Day Post

Today, the Philippines and her people pay tribute to their greatest hero, Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal.


Annual Recap: 2009

Backtracking is a common practice at this point of the year. It is a way in which we digest all the overwhelming events that have transpired in the past 12 months and archive them into the recesses of our unconscious minds. For some, it is also a simple act of reminisce on the days of happiness, pain, and beauty. Still for others, it is a significant undertaking of absorbing life lessons and remembering methods of solving life’s problems.

At times, yearly recapitulations can be boring since we have learned to forget most life events. Other times, it can surprise us by suddenly triggering memories that make us exclaim, “That was this year?” or “What? That happened this year? I thought it was on the year before?” I too, have been in such awe circumstances while watching recaps on television or reading it in the papers.

It is fairly obvious that this blog post will chronicle all that I have experienced this 2009. But I won’t bore you with every detail of my life since January 1st—I will just stick to the major events that have happened. I will also include some major news items, both in the local and international scene, and state what I was doing or where I was at the time those events were taking place.

Without further ado … Continue reading this blog post. >>

New Year Movie List

Yesterday, I posted the top movies of the decade, as according to a couple of online movie ratings databases. Now, I am going to share my list of movies which I usually watch during this time—the last week of the year, the days wherein we anticipate the coming year with lavish celebrations. After watching a handful of Christmas-related movies (see Yuletide Season Movie List) you may be looking for titles that specifically reflect the coming new year. This type of movies are limited, so the list that I am going to provide includes those not really pertaining to the transition of the years—these were just screened a little before or after the holidays. Nevertheless, all of these flicks are just perfect to reflect on and to welcome the New Year. Note that just some other movies included in this list are not really favorites of mine, but are “kind of” related to the incoming new year. Continue reading this post. >>