Today is Earth Day

Earth Day was first held in 1970 under the initiation of US Senator Gaylord Nelson. At the time, the purpose of the said event was to “raise awareness and appreciation for the environment.”

Now, it is an event that aggressively fights human intervention to his surroundings.

This is not to discourage Earth Day activities. A day/week dedicated to introspection on what we are doing to the environment and what we can do to rehabilitate it is very significant. It’s just that solid environmentalists strongly voice out their objections and showcase humanity’s shortcomings when it comes to caring for the environment. Too strongly in fact, that it leaves the general public looking very much undesirable or ungrateful of the world they live in.

Protests here and there, aggressive and argumentative advocates being put up—do we really need an influx of those?

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Unit II: Trails to Right Understanding

UPDATE [2011 June 28]: This blog post was written before this blog was renamed to What Recis Writes. As such, the most of the pronouncements made below are no longer implemented in the current time. Even so, the quality and continuity of blogging remains.

I know, I know. The word, “sex” is more noticeable than the badge as a whole. Anyways, it reflects my naughty nature. 😀


Scribe’s Express has bade goodbye to a year of experimental blogging. As it enters its second year, I have come to realize what my blog will evolve into; what I want it to be.

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Double Celebration: First Year Blog Anniversary!

A year ago, I created this blog with no particular goal or vision in mind. I just thought of the blog title and settled that I will be publishing whatever I feel like posting. Back then, I needed an outlet for pouring out my grievances—a place where I could rant out all I want.

A year later, my outlook on this blog had changed.

Before, my purpose for blogging was for it to serve as a writing pastime. Now, I want this blog to take up another purpose: Inspiring its readers. There are a lot of nuisances going on all around, and I would like to make—even a small one—a difference for either a single person or even a handful. Through this blog, I was able to render some minor assistance to a couple of readers. It was very reaffirming, even if the help that I gave was very small. I want this to continue, and through small but sure effort, try to give anyone the helping hand that they need.

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Double Celebration: Blog Reader Appreciation Day!

Blogs have evolved into viable social networking mediums from the basic “online diaries” that they once were. Nowadays, blogs have taken after the form of standard websites; others have been transformed into monetizing outlets through advertising & products reviews and endorsements. No matter what form a blog may undergo, it will never be animated without a reader base.

Bloggers revere their readers. These readers instigate improvement on the blogging and/or writing skills of the blogger. They are the active community that reaffirms the significance of bloggers and the blog posts that they create. It is no wonder that most bloggers practice extensive online social networking by visiting numerous blogs and promoting their blog sites on social networking services (MySpace, Twitter, etc.)

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Erratum: It was pure torture reading through this…

On the 2nd of April 2010, I published a post entitled, “It was pure torture reading through this…“. The said blog post was literally copied from an email sent to me by a friend and pasted unto my WordPress post editor for publishing. Unbeknown to me then, the image URLs for the said post were linked to Yahoo!—the email message on my account inbox. Because of this, the only way that a reader will be able to view the images on the post was if the following conditions were met:

  1. the reader has the source message in his/her email account inbox, and
  2. the reader is actively signed into his/her email account.

Failure to meet the two conditions would refrain the reader from viewing the images on the post.

I am so sorry if the images were not visible since the publication of the post. I know that images are necessary to appreciate the message and nature of the post. With that, I have reloaded the images of the email-message-turned-blog-post for your appreciation.

I have definitely learned that you can’t just copy-paste any article that has images and publish it outright on You have to ensure that the image URLs on that article are valid for general viewing; otherwise, you will have to host the images on another hosting service ( media library or other external image/media hosting services).