The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 8 Instant Save Performance Personal Rankings

And that completes the Top 6 who will be battling it out again next week! I was so aghast when I saw India Carney as part of the Bottom Three. Personally, I do not think she should have been there. Between the three of them, I would choose India to be saved. I was so nervous that she would be eliminated in favor of the other two artists from Team Blake, Hannah Kirby and Corey Kent White. When Carson Daly said, “Closest vote ever!” I mistakenly heard the word, “closest” as “Corey”, which knocked the air out of me. I was at the edge of my seat! Thankfully, two Instant Save votes went through and led India to perform next week.

It was a shame to see Hannah go because she really has amazing potential, but that is just the way it is.

Anyway, let’s get on to rank the Instant Save Performances this week:

3. Corey Kent White – “Somebody Like You”

Corey should sing more familiar country tunes like this. I actually did enjoy listening to his version of this classic country song, which I often hear on the radio where I live. However, for his performance, I felt like there was a part of him that he kept holding back, which further made me feel like he was not giving it his all. He did have a good run on this show and he will still learn more about performance; kudos to him for all he had done so far on The Voice.

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Fairy Tail 432: Braiya in Love Chapter Assessment

This second chapter released this week focuses on Lucy Heartfilia and Wendy Marvell & Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser. I knew Wendy and Juvia would turn up somehow sooner or later! Thankfully for Lucy, Wendy is able to counter Anomaly Magic with her Anomaly Reversal / Dispel spell. It would have painted a bad image if Lucy went down because of a virus after the awesomeness she displayed in the last chapter.

We also get to see what Braiya’s magic is. At first, I was trying to remember who Braiya is before it was highlighted that she was the dark-skinned lady who was so angry at Gray for lying to them. With the word, “love” in the title, I assumed she would have had fallen for Gray. And with Wendy present in the battle against the Avatar army (who should have been taking care of Juvia), we can assume that Juvia will show up and kick Braiya’s ass for being her love rival. Pfft! Too easy to predict, but nonetheless, fun and awesome! 🙂

I am really glad Fairy Tail is getting the highlight of being able to beat down the villains in a couple of chapters only, as opposed to before. It goes to show that they have really grown within a year.


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Fairy Tail 431: My Sword is… Chapter Assessment

I am so happy that again, we got two chapters this week! Makes all the waiting really worth it! Now, instead of releasing two chapters, why not release one 40-page chapter instead?

Anyway, from the chapter’s title, it was obvious that it is going to be about Erza Scarlet. However, when the panel with Jerome talking about his Dark Sword was shown, I was afraid that the chapter title referred to his sword and that we would have a long battle between him and Erza. Thankfully, that was not the case and we are treated to the awesomeness that is Erza—clad in a new armor with flying/dancing swords. Finally! But, it is a new armor, isn’t it? It’s like she used a similar technique of dancing swords before, but with a different armor. Anyway, her new swords do not let her enemies feel that they have been touched/cut; as such, they would have been bleeding without them knowing it. She looks awesomely fresh and badass after being absent for how many chapters!

Good thing the Fairies are not being beaten down now, unlike in chapters past where a single fight would take two to three chapters to complete with the spotlighted Fairy going through tough beatings before emerging victorious. Instead, in this chapter, Erza eliminates Jerome like he was nothing. As it turns out, this Avatar guild is nothing; then again, this is not even the main guild/headquarters.


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The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 8 Personal Rankings

It has gotten really difficult now to pick favorite performances among the Top 8 of The Voice (U.S. Season 8). They all are so good; even those who did not shine early in the competition have improved both in performance and song interpretation. As such, I catered this list according to performances I would watch over and over, and whose song interpretations I would listen to on loop.

8. Corey Kent White – “When I See You Smile”

I love this song by Bad English, but I did not like this country-fied version of it. If it was another country artist who covered this, someone with a richer voice, I would have loved it. However, I just did not like Corey’s version. Nevertheless, Corey has come a long way with the way he performs; still not yet a pro, but definitely getting there.

7. Sawyer Fredericks – “Simple Man”

This was actually a solid performance, I just am not familiar with the song. I do wish Sawyer would interpret more of the Top 40 / familiar songs at present to cater to a wider audience. His power and rawness are definitely there, but there are times when you would be looking for other sounds and vocal inflections. At last, he too is starting to loosen up approach the audience. I love the way he looked at the audience and sang the line, “Follow your heart…” (2:02 in the video); he really dedicated it to his audience.

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Gupit Para sa mga Lalaki: Undercut | Haircut for Men: Undercut

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So, isa sa mga nagiging usong gupit ngayon ay yung tipong, one-fourth inch sa sides, one-fourth inch sa likod, tapos mahaba sa taas (more than five inches); bale, di na babawasan sa taas. Tapos, kung i-style mo, palikod yung mahaba sa taas, bale comb over or pompadour ika nga sa U.S. at U.K.

Actually, maraming variation ang mga gupit na ito, pero isa ang tawag sa pangkalahatan: disconnected haircut. Bakit “disconnected”? Kasi, yung part kung saan mag-mi-meet yung one-fourth inch na buhok at yung mahabang buhok, “disconnection” ang tawag dun. Tignan ninyo nalang yung photo:

Disconnection kung saan nag-meet ang maiksi at mahabang buhok.

Etong style na ito, in siya nung mga 1990s, medyo iba lang ng bahagya: mas maikli sa bandang taas tapos hindi masyadong skin head yung nasa sides at sa likod.

Ganito ang naging gupit ko ng tatlong buwan at marami akong nagustuhan at di nagustuhan sa gupit at styling nito. Kung gusto ninyong kumuha ng ganitong gupit, eto ang mga kailangang ninyong malaman:

Ano ang sasabihin sa barbero?

Noong nagpagupit ako ng ganito, sinabi ko nalang na “undercut” and gupit ko. Yun na, wala nang ibang explanation. Siyempre, kailangang pilliin ang barber shop kung saan ka magpapagupit. Ako, doon sa salon-barber house na may sariling pwesto, HINDI yung mga nasa mall o commercial building. Yun yung talagang barber shop na sarili tapos mga lalaking nagpapgupit lang ang mga cliente nila; hindi siya mixed with mga stylist na pambabae.

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