Think First!

With nothing to do last night, I opened up my computer and watched Jim Carrey’s most recent flick, Yes Man.

Alternate Theatrical Poster
Alternate Theatrical Poster

During the time of its showing (December 2008), I actually planned to see it in its big screen adaptation however, I condescended not to. And I was glad with my decision because it would have been a waste of my money. Not to say that Yes Man is a bad film. It’s actually good, although not worth viewing on the big screen for my standards.

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September Rain

Vaporized to the heavens.
Hoping on a dream
In the warmth of sunlight
Thinking that just maybe…


...on greens of the land...
...on greens of the land...

Falling unto the earth,
Crashing against aggregates
So devoid of life.

From skies of dark clouds
Shielding out the sun;
Tossed and turned
By howling winds.
Come startling flashes of lightning
And fearful rolls of thunder.
Descending behind thick mists—
Fogs that mask misery.

Blood streaking down
      on greens of the land,
      blue flowers,
      and sweet-tasting berries.

On splattered ground,
Water puddles form red ripples
Caressing moss-covered rocks,
Witnessed all by critters
Oblivious to failure.

Frozen in the night,
Gone with every dawn.

Rises. Falls.
Never amongst stars,
Never shining.
For every endeavor wastes away

…Without even beginning.
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Taylor Swift Almost Lost Her Moment

So I’ve been browsing over the web a while back when I stumbled upon Yahoo! News featuring Kanye West’s outburst over Taylor Swift winning Best Female Video over Beyonce at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).

What’s up with that?!

That wasn’t nice. At all. Sure, Kanye may have disapprovals on the winners but he shouldn’t have slashed a 19-year-old singer’s acceptance speech. It’s her first time to win a VMA award and he just ruins it.

If you’ll notice, Taylor was left clueless on what to do after Kanye’s comment. Her smile quickly faded. I believe she was shocked by the outburst–probably her first time to experience such an incident. And first-time experiences can be shocking, right? Thankfully, she didn’t cry. Instead, she walked off stage with escorts–award on hand and with the cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd.

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The Last Date of Repeating Digits You Might Ever See in Your Life

That is today–09/09/09.

Apparently, as stated in Yahoo! News, almost everyone has set some special plans for today. This is because the next instance of calendrical digit repetitions will happen in the next century (2101) or in next millenium (3001). Obviously, with the modern human lifespan, there is a small chance for individuals to reach those years.

The Yahoo! article also said that numerologists relate the number nine to “forgiveness, compassion and success, as well as arrogance and self-righteousness.” Asian nationalities like the the Chinese and Japanese have additional beliefs about the number. The Chinese regard it as a lucky number while the Japanese regard it as otherwise since it has the same sound as the word “suffering” in the Japanese language.

Coincidentally, September 9 is the 252nd day of the year 2009–2+5+2=9.

Personally, I’m ‘gonna mark this day by opening a bank account. It’s weird but that way, I get a concrete recording of this day.

The full article from Yahoo! News can be read here.

How To Live A Life

I received the following message last month from a friend. I couldn’t erase it ’cause it’s a great reminder of how we should go about with our lives and what we should do after reaching our aspirations.

Own your time, then share it.

Soar as high as you can, then settle down.

Experience the world outside your own, then come back home.

Be the freest, then make a lasting commitment to someone or something.

Finally, be the wisest you can be, but always learn some more.

I haven’t been in touch with my pals for over three months now–I haven’t responded to thier calls, e-mails, and text messages. I wanted to have a very long retreat from my past so I could fix everything and think of new things to add to my life. I guess my friend just just sent this message for me to reflect on.

If you ever get to read this, “Thanks very much!”