Whenever I recover from an illness, I feel a sense of renewal. I love the feeling of being empowered after a storm. Yes, I say that every sickness I experience is a storm because at every bad health status, I tumble. Not only do I become physically injured or paralyzed, my spirit also loses its vivacity. But it doesn’t lose the will to fight; it doesn’t lose the will to ward off the sicknesses I encounter. So yes, even though I get sick, I look forward to the new and improved self that it will bring.

Only thing is, I rarely get sick these days. 😛

But do take note, whenever I get sick, it really is a STORM!

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Luke 4:18

The Lord sent Me to bring glad tidings to the poor, and to proclaim liberty to captives.

RH Law Encourages (not Promotes) Pre-Marital Sex

The Reproductive Health Law does not promote pre-marital sex, but it does encourage it. The very thought that contraceptives or “protection” from conception is available “free” gives rise to an uninhibited, sexual mentality outside of matrimony. People will all the more be encouraged to engage in pre-marital sex because contraceptives are “just there for the taking”. All the more for teenagers – they will have more cunning to engage in acts that they shouldn’t be doing because “a pregnancy will not happen”.

A law that gives married couples the choice to space childbirths may be good, but to include people outside of wedlock disintegrates society’s values. Why give those who are about to engage in pre-marital sex access to contraceptives? Are we that sex-starved now that we cannot control our urges and reserve them for wedlock anymore? Why do we tolerate these pre-marital sex incidences?

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My 2013 Blog Theme (Again!)

I must be crazy switching from one theme to another within only five days! I do apologize for the erratic change; I’m happy with my current blog theme now. It really is fortunate that’s Theme Team just released this new blog theme, “My Life”.

So how is the theme?

Although I’m not aiming for the brown and baby blue color scheme, I’m satisfied with its minimalist layout. I’m happy with the typeface and font size for the post body; it’s big enough to be legible. The font for the title and headings could be bigger with thicker strokes. Additionally, they should have been in a darker color. Nevertheless, I can bear with it.

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A Tour of AM and FM Radio Networks

I know this blog post should strictly remain within my Communications Odyssey blog, but I felt compelled to share it on my main blog (this blog) anyway. 😛

Communications Odyssey

Earlier in the year, January 02 to be exact, me and a couple of my Master in Development Communication classmates had a radio tour of two radio networks in Baguio City. One is an AM network while the other is an FM network. Actually, both radio networks are under the same broadcasting company.

I am thankful for that particular assignment because it was far more educational to witness radio networks in actual operations. Plus, we got to converse with people who are actually in and have a lot of experience in the field.

Here is my (informational) vlog about our radio tour:

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