Still Around

Skidded down an abyss of trials

Since more than a decade ago.

Traversed with all the world’s pressures

On a path both long and slow.

Burdened with my spirit’s destruction,

Wondering how my life would be.

For so long I’ve waited for signs

Of the time when I would be free.

Now I’m clearing away the broken pieces and patching things up

I will resolve I for one and endeavor superiority.

I shall get to your feet and never will I all over again

Assent to all of your clobbering and all of your mockery.

I will show what I am made of

I will disclose what I have got.

And after everything’s done,

Let’s see who will still be around.

I’ve put up with the offenses

And ignored all the blemishes.

I am now up-and-coming

Putting out your pleading.

I’m still signing my song.

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12:34:56 07/08/09

A week ago, a friend of mine sent me a text message:

At 12 hours, 34 minutes, and 56 seconds on the 8th of July this year (2009), the time and date will be:

12:34:56 07/08/09

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This will never happen in your life again. Be the first to tell them!


Well, events like these, where dates and times form special arrangements, surprise me just a little–or not at all. Nothing happens anyway. I mean, take past date arrangements like 08.08.08, 01.04.03, 01/02/03, etc. They were just ordinary days.

But come to think of it, why am I still blogging about this event?