Copyright Policy

Copyright © 2006 – 2012 The Real Recis by Recis Dempayos.


This copyright policy is valid from 6 November 2006, onwards.

This blog, The Real Recis, is in the sole possession of its owner/author, Recis Dempayos. Any part of this blog (content and media; posts, pages, and comments) cannot be deposited on any storage-retrieval system, reproduced, republished or displayed under a different author, transmitted in any form (electronic or otherwise), and/or altered without proper permission from the blog author.

Quoting content or excerpts from any part of this blog for publication on other blogs or online publishing accounts is allowed, provided:

  1. that the blogs or online publishing accounts provide a link to the source page on this blog, and
  2. that the authorship of Recis is correctly cited.

The presence of an RSS feed for this blog does not indicate that its content may be republished or copied without proper authorization.

Unauthorized online republication or copying will be detected using the following:

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Non-online publication of content or excerpts should first be made known to the blog author for proper authorization.

Any unauthorized copyright infringement should be brought to the knowledge of the blog author by contacting him through this email address:

…or leave a message using the comment form below.

You can also leave a message on this page.

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