Who will be Fairy Tail’s Seventh Guild Master?

Indeed, who is worthy enough to take on the prestigious, but daunting task of leading and representing Fairy Tail?

Credit:Fairy Tail (Guild) – Fairy Tail Wiki, the site for Hiro Mashima’s manga and anime series, Fairy Tail The same credit goes to the wiki site for all other images used in Fairy Tail posts on this blog. Thumbs up to the community! 🙂

Well, I’ve been going around the web reading others’ thoughts on this. In this post, I list some potential candidates with my thoughts on them, summing up with who I would like to be “it”.

1. Makarov Dreyar


Fairy Tail will never be the same without Makarov. That has been a long-held statement ever since. When Makarov attempted to resign as guild master to atone for Laxus’ rash actions in the Battle of Fairy Tail, the members were not hearing of it. Also, when Gildarts, the fifth guild master, appointed Makarov back as the sixth guild master, everyone did agree that he was meant to be guild master forever.


However, after the disbandment, which was decided on by Makarov himself, I doubt that he would be enthusiastic to return as the seventh guild master. After all, he disbanded the guild and then, after only year, he would be willing to assemble everyone again? I do not think so.

2. Lucy Heartfilia


I would actually like to see Lucy as the next guild master. Her love for her guild runs deep, just like everyone else. However, she did keep tabs on everyone during the one year apart and she did take up a journalism job just so she could locate everyone as something to do on the side.


However, a guild master is usually one who has more developed and stronger magic than everyone else. Hmm… Still, I would like to see her be picked as the one.

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Fairy Tail 437: Magnolia Chapter Assessment

And so, we all go back to where everything started. This actually feels like the first chapter of Fairy Tail! Anyway, Lucy Heartfilia has written letters to everyone she could come in contact with saying to meet up in Magnolia so they could bring Fairy Tail back. She, Natsu Dragneel, Happy, Carla, and Wendy Marvell are thus back in Magnolia. It is but fitting that Lucy be the one to assemble everyone for since I started reading Fairy Tail, it felt like the original plan for this manga was to have her as the central character. But, it is much better that the focus was directed to a group and other individuals outside of it.

Getting back to the story, Lucy feels that after the uneventful disbanding one year ago, everyone must have gotten on and/or moved on with their lives. As such, she feels downtrodden. While feeling sad, Cana Alberona approaches her—as if we would not be able to recognize her just from her back! Hah! Anyway, she cheers up Lucy and says that the disbanding was a good break for everyone to learn new things outside of guild life and to grow. Although we did not see her reaction to the guild disbanding (along with Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, and Gajeel Redfox’s, which we would like to have seen) I am sure it was a shock to them.


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Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen Omake Assessment

If you would love to read this omake, but could not find an English scan of it on the Internet, you can read it on this forum post. Just click on “Mostrar” (Spanish, translates to “show”) to expand the post.

I love all of the Fairy Tail omake as it allows Fairy Tail characters to go out of their comfort zones. They portray scenes we do not usually see in the canonical manga chapters. Particularly, they act out scenes that fans would love to see in an official, although not canonical, Fairy Tail manga. So, in a sense, the omake issues (of Fairy Tail) are fan-services. 🙂

Before I go on, let me point out that this omake’s title has nine (9) letter “E”s in the “Men”. Just in case you were wondering and could not properly distinguish and count the “E”s in that long “Meeeeeeeeen”.

This particular omake, as can be gleaned from the cover, has a zombie structure to its story. Thankfully, it does not involve getting eaten or bitten by infected/zombified characters. However, the simple act of being smelt by an infected or in this case, Ichiya-fied person, is just so CREEPY!! Really!? Being smelt on!?

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, with his warped sense of the concept of handsome plus his Perfume Magic, has come up with an “ultimate perfume”. This gets accidentally poured down a drain, with its essence then being spread around Magnolia. The essence changes people’s faces into Ichiya’s image and makes them act like zombies, sans the gore and morbidities.


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Fairy Tail 432: Braiya in Love Chapter Assessment

This second chapter released this week focuses on Lucy Heartfilia and Wendy Marvell & Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser. I knew Wendy and Juvia would turn up somehow sooner or later! Thankfully for Lucy, Wendy is able to counter Anomaly Magic with her Anomaly Reversal / Dispel spell. It would have painted a bad image if Lucy went down because of a virus after the awesomeness she displayed in the last chapter.

We also get to see what Braiya’s magic is. At first, I was trying to remember who Braiya is before it was highlighted that she was the dark-skinned lady who was so angry at Gray for lying to them. With the word, “love” in the title, I assumed she would have had fallen for Gray. And with Wendy present in the battle against the Avatar army (who should have been taking care of Juvia), we can assume that Juvia will show up and kick Braiya’s ass for being her love rival. Pfft! Too easy to predict, but nonetheless, fun and awesome! 🙂

I am really glad Fairy Tail is getting the highlight of being able to beat down the villains in a couple of chapters only, as opposed to before. It goes to show that they have really grown within a year.


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Fairy Tail 431: My Sword is… Chapter Assessment

I am so happy that again, we got two chapters this week! Makes all the waiting really worth it! Now, instead of releasing two chapters, why not release one 40-page chapter instead?

Anyway, from the chapter’s title, it was obvious that it is going to be about Erza Scarlet. However, when the panel with Jerome talking about his Dark Sword was shown, I was afraid that the chapter title referred to his sword and that we would have a long battle between him and Erza. Thankfully, that was not the case and we are treated to the awesomeness that is Erza—clad in a new armor with flying/dancing swords. Finally! But, it is a new armor, isn’t it? It’s like she used a similar technique of dancing swords before, but with a different armor. Anyway, her new swords do not let her enemies feel that they have been touched/cut; as such, they would have been bleeding without them knowing it. She looks awesomely fresh and badass after being absent for how many chapters!

Good thing the Fairies are not being beaten down now, unlike in chapters past where a single fight would take two to three chapters to complete with the spotlighted Fairy going through tough beatings before emerging victorious. Instead, in this chapter, Erza eliminates Jerome like he was nothing. As it turns out, this Avatar guild is nothing; then again, this is not even the main guild/headquarters.


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