Of Madness and Blogging

POSTSCRIPT / UPDATE [27 June 2011]: This article was the first blog post originally published on Whimsical Scribe, my blog with Blogger. I have already deleted that blog. I’ve also deleted Flick Scribbles, my first blog with WordPress.com.  All blog posts from those blog sites were imported into THIS blog, Scribe’s Express (now renamed as What Recis Writes). 😀


Honestly, I don’t know where this would lead to. And I mean, this blog. These past few days, I’ve been mentally setting idea sheets on what I would blog about–the so-called “blog focus.” But because those ideas sheets don’t seem to click (!), unfortunately, they get torn down and get tossed into my unconscious mind where eventually, they would just vanish into oblivion.

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Kung Fu Panda 2–Too Good to be True?

Po and Master Shifu
Po and Master Shifu

Just so you know, as reported on Wikipedia, Kung Fu Panda was able to haul in a gross worldwide revenue of $239,085,029.00! That’s close to double of the budget that they spent on the making of the flick ($130 million)! And get this: According to PerthNow, DreamWorks boss, Jeffrey Katzenberg says that with the success of the animated film, a franchise of about five to six sequels is prepared, depending on the general outcome of the film.

On the other hand, Steve Hulett of The Animation Guild (TAG) blog reported that a story crew at DreamWorks has started work on Kung Fu Panda, The Sequel. Man! Am I rejoicing! Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

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K.O. in Being Knocked Up!

Knocked Up

Knocked Up is a comedy filled with how a person tackles his/her transition into parenthood. And lots of foul-language. Starring Seth Rogen as Ben Stone and Katherine Heigl as Allison Scott, it presents scenes of pervertedness and horniness that are, at times, horrifying. At first, I thought it was a retard jackass comedy that was meant to elevate your libido. But it is actually more than that! It offers indespicable insight on how a couple should support each other for the whole nine months of expecting–like I said earlier, “the transition into parenthood.”

Anybody who watches it should realize the significance of planned and/or protected sex. Alongside this is the role of communication in intercourse. If you do check it out, you’ll understand me more, especially if you get to see the scene when Ben and Allison engage in the passionate expression of love–in a lousy way … although it is funny … He! He!

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The Living Legendary

I Am Legend Theatrical Poster
I Am Legend Theatrical Poster

Three days ago, I passed by the video rental shop to return the animated movies I borrowed. I noticed that they changed their window posters with new ones, among them is “I Am Legend.”

I remember watching this film adaptation of Richard Matheson’s book of the same title last year. Starring Will Smith, it is set in the future where a cure for cancer (in the form of a mutated measles virus) was created. However, this virus has the potential to kill and/or turn living creatures into aggressive zombie- and vampire-like beings called the “dark-seekers.” Inevitably, the virus spreads, eradicating 90 % of the world’s population and turning 9% into the dark-seekers. Somehow, 1% remained immune and were ironically fortunate–fortunate because they were given a chance to live, and ironic because they stand as prey to the dark-seekers who prowl the streets at night. One of them is Dr. Robert Neville (Smith’s character), who purposely finds a cure in his laboratory home in New York ground zero, together with his German Shepherd, Sam (canines are immune to airborne transmission of the virus but can get infected through the bites of the infected).

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I’m Leaving…

Update [27 June 2011]: This was a blog post/notification I wrote back when I maintained three blogs in 2008. It was published on Whimsical Heart, a blog set up on Friendster‘s blog publishing platform. I grabbed the XML file of that blog and transferred all content on THIS blog. All other links mentioned below are no longer available—deleted.


Hello! It’s been a long time since I  created and maintained Whimsical Heart. Well, as far as maintenance is concerned, I’ll leave this blog as is (as in I won’t delete it). But I won’t maintain it either. I’m currently occupied with two blogs: http://flickscribbles.wordpress.com, which is mainly about the movies or “flicks” I have watched; and http://whimsicalscribe.blogspot.com, which is about uhm… madness, rants, craziness (mine!), and just about anything I love to blog about. Kindly visit these blogs instead.

Have a good day and hope to see you on my blogs!

Peace out!