Commenting Policy

This commenting policy is valid from 06 November 2006 onward.

Disclaimer on Information. The views and opinions contained within any of the comments regarding any article published throughout this blog, The Real Recis are that its readers. Although the blog owner/author, Recis Dempayos practices his best judgment in the approval of reader’s comments, he does not assure that the information contained within the comments are accurate.

Ownership. All comments entered into The Real Recis become a part of its possession; nevertheless, comment authors’ names and links to their sites (if available) are cited.

Nature of Comments. The blog author, accepts any type of comment made on any of the articles or content published throughout The Real Recis. Comments may be affirmative or conflicting to the content or topic being annotated on. They may also be detached from a certain article’s content or topic. All comments will pass through the scrutiny of the blog author. Derogatory or mildly offensive comments may be submitted; however, these will still pass through the blog author’s review. Comments may be in English, Filipino, Ilokano, Ibaloi, or any combination of these. Take not that comments are highly encouraged to be in English for universalism. It is encouraged that words be spelled out and that correct grammar and usage in whatever language utilized be followed.

Nestled Comments. The Real Recis employs a “nestled comments” scheme of 10 levels to provide an outlet for discussion on the content of each blog entry. This would indicate that there can be “comments to every comment.”

Comment Replies. The blog author will respond to most of the comments made on any of the articles on The Real Recis. Usually, this will be to affirm, negate, or buffer an earlier comment. Readers are also encouraged to make comments on other reader’s comments in order to create a lively discussion. The blog author encourages a healthy, professional, and signified exchange of ideas, opinions, and/or views.

Requirements for Submission. Each comment form found throughout The Real Recis requires the input of the following:

  1. name: This can be first names only, full names, nicknames, and aliases. It is a requisite for comment submission.
  2. email address: This will never be divulged to the public, on- or offline. Any request to publicly disclose email contacts  will not be granted. An email contact is required in the most extreme event that the blog author needs to personally communicate with a commenter regarding his/her entered comments, discuss private matters, or for any other urgent purpose. The blog author would first leave a reply to a comment left by a reader before sending any emails. Like in the name, the email address is also a requisite for comment submission. NOTE: Email contacts are automatically added to The Real Recis mailing list. Messages sent to this mailing list are comprised of greetings for major calendar events or holidays. No product endorsements or advertisements whatsoever would be sent to the mailing list. Any desire to be unlisted from the mailing list should be made known to the blog author by replying to the emails being sent.
  3. website URL: This can be a personal blog, a website, or any page on any social networking service website. Unlike in the name and email address, this is not necessary for comment submission—leaving it blank will not interfere with the submission and approval of comments.

Moderation and Approval. The blog author is responsible for moderating comments. In doing so, he employs his best judgment if a certain comment should be approved or not. A comment becomes approved after some time—it can take minutes, hours, days, and even weeks—depending on the online availability of the blog owner.  A certain comment will be disapproved if it is categorized as under “comments considered for disapproval,” as stated below.

Disapproval. The following are the two types of comments that will not be approved for publication on The Real Recis:

  1. Spam Comments: These are unwanted, commercial messages that provide links to a product or service page. NOTE: All submitted comments pass through a spam-message filtering system, so most spam comments are automatically eliminated before being presented for approval.
  2. Trackback and Pingback Comments: These are messages that notify blogs of other blogs that have linked to their entries. These are mere replications of the source entry, so their publication in a comments section would only be redundant to the blog entry.

Editing. Qualified comments are approved in their “untouched” form—they can be typed:

  1. formally or informally
  2. in complete or incomplete sentences, and
  3. following correct grammar and usage or not.

Editing is usually performed at the request of the commenter, sent via email or submitted, unapproved comment. Alternatively, a commenter may submit another similar comment with a request to delete his/her previous one.

Deletion. The right of deleting published or unpublished comments, for any reason whatsoever, is reserved for the blog owner. Prior notice would be given, if possible, to a commenter before his/her comment is deleted. It is imperative that the commenter responds within two days of receiving the notice. Comments may also be deleted at the request of the commenter.

Opening and Closing Articles to Comments. As a general rule, each entry at The Real Recis is open for commenting. However, the blog owner reserves the right not to open comments on certain entries (pages in specific) for personal reasons. He also reserves the right to close commenting on a certain entry that was previously open to comments. In this scenario, all previously approved comments would remain with the entry, but no new comments would be accepted.

Non-Solicitation. All comments entered in every entry on The Real Recis, that is open to commenting, are unsolicited. The comments are voluntarily submitted by persons willing to make their own ideas, opinions and/or views known to other readers of What Recis Writes.

For any questions, you can contact the blog owner/author, through this email address:

…or leave a message using the comment form below.

You can also leave a message on this page.

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