Admired Blogs

The “Admired Blogs” page compiles a list of links to blogs/websites that I find as read-worthy and enjoy very much thus, would like to share with my blog readers. That said, don’t consider this as just some ordinary “blogroll.” I select the links that I publish here.

For blog friends/networking contacts not included in this blogroll: Do note that not being included in this blogroll doesn’t mean that I won’t be going back to read your new posts on your blog site. I will definitely be coming back to check on what new things you’ve written about.

I don’t really engage in link exchanges. I go through the blog sites that I consider for the blogroll very well. As much as possible, I want ad-free & “clean-looking” and/or organized blogs. That’s how I try to keep mine.

Some of the authors/owners of the blog links below are people whom I know personally (my friends). Others, I’ve met online (making us strangers but not exactly!). People whom I admire, people whom I’m a big fan of. People whose blogs are truly helpful in one way or another.

Hope you would also consider browsing over them. 😀


If you are new to blogging, you will want to take a look at the following links that will definitely help you through the aspects of blogging that you don’t understand. Since I use the platform, my sources are limited only to info, tips, and how-tos for bloggers. These are my resources that help keep my blog up-to-date with the latest plugins, widgets, and developments at
by timethief (an experienced WordPress and Tumblr blogger)


I read books, although I don’t consider myself a bookworm. It’s like this: There are book lovers who are dedicated to their craft. Except for a few, I might say that these book readers prefer books to movies and music. Between books & movies and music, I’m an “in-between.”

My favorite book genres are: Inspirational, humor/satire, and mystery/detective fiction.

These book blogs feature, what else? Books. Reviews and everything (At least what the blog authors read).

by Peter Sandico (a collector of pictures of bookshelves)

General Blogs/Sites

The following links are to sites that talk about everything under the sun, which is similar to my blog. They don’t belong to any single category. Generalists. Versatile. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Getting to a New Dimension
by Yvonne Tuguinay (a Med-Surg staff nurse in Jordan)

Jessica Zafra Official Blog
by Jessica Zafra (a columnist and the author of the Twisted book series)

Morning Erection
by Tom Baker (a non-practicing generalist medical professional)

sketches and scribbles (reloaded)
by the Scribbler on the Roof

by Stella Jezebelle Ogues (who blogs mostly as a hair and make-up artist and as a model, but also on other topics)

Graphic Design

In my spare time, I manipulate/enhance photos that I take. You’ve probably seen some of my edited photos on my blog. These are the resources that I’ve been through to create such graphics.

by Colin Smith (an author, trainer, and a new-media designer)

by Hero


If you’re feeling down, consider visiting the sites below to get you back on track. Remember that whatever you encounter in life—a negative or a positive—will always be there. Everyone experiences happiness, sorrow, triumphs, failures, problems, and solutions. You are not alone. Just go through it, endure it, and be strong! Keep moving forward!

Just Thinking
by Bob Carlson


Life varies from person to person. And I am drawn to whatever happens to whatever life out there. I love watching it—observing and analyzing every detail. What happened? How did it happen? Who’s to blame? Who won? Who really deserved it all?

Here are life blogs that I visit.

Felmar’s Missionary Journey
by Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD (a missionary priest)

by WanderingScribe (real name: Anya Peters; she was once homeless and chronicled her experiences on a blog)


I love music! Here are links to music sites that I’ve been fortunate enough to come across. No links to illegal/pirated/bootleg audio downloads!

random thoughts by me
by iamkelly (real name: Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol)

by Tyler James Sharp (a bass singer)

Philippine Politics

Every once in a while, we (the Filipinos) have to take time to assess the government and our sociopolitical environment.

Pinoy Politiko
by Agnes Baquirin

Photo Blogs

I am a visually inclined person and whenever I need visuals for inspiration/stimulation, I try to look for worthy photo blogs. I am still looking for such blogs. In the meantime, try to browse over the following:

Isna Tako
by Ash Velasco

Through N73 Lenses (random photos taken with a Nokia N73)
by mari anjeli

you have been here sometime (contains photos mostly on architecture, interior design, and art in general)
by Y.H.B.H.S.

Video Blogs

Another thing that I love are videos. Audio-videos, silent videos, shorts, animation, etc.! Here are the video sites that I truly enjoy!

by Shane Dawson

by Shane Dawson

Writing/Becoming a Writer

I believe that there’s a writer in all of us. Some have just realized the potential earlier than others. I mean, how difficult is it to pick a pen and paper (or in this case, type on a computer keyboard with the aid of a word processor) and jot your thoughts, life events, causes, beliefs, etc.?


If you’re in a rut, here are writer’s blogs to help you gain insight on writing.

A Little Creative License
by Alison Strobel (a novelist, author of Worlds Collide and Violette Between)

Anne Bingham: making it up as i go
by Anne Bingham

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist
by Margot Kinberg (a mystery novelist and a professor)

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