Fairy Tail Zero 10: Law Chapter Assessment

With Yury Dreyar being taken over by a skeleton dragon, something definitely has to be done to save him. This is Mavis Vermillion’s resolve, in addition to also saving the people of Magnolia.

I said before that I was disappointed in the magical abilities of Mavis, being the founder and first guild master of the strongest guild in all of Fiore: Fairy Tail. However, looking at and thinking about it now, I guess it is not so bad at all. Everything starts out small and insignificant. It is through years and years of struggle and ideals passed down through generations that one grows into something worthwhile and amazing. Everything is connected, after all. So, seeing Mavis with magical abilities not suited for battle (although she learned spells from Zeref) and still striving to save her friend in a dire situation is one amazing feat! I know that Mavis would eventually step up with her magical abilities. For now, the foundation of the Fairy Tail guild is not really magical power or strength; rather, it is the care and conviction to be there for your nakama/friends when they need you. Magical abilities are just secondary to having the courage to stand up and protect the bonds/relationships you formed with others.


Chapter Disappointment: None. I am no longer disappointed at Mavis’ seemingly insignificant magical abilities.

Chapter Approval: We get to see how Fairy Law was born into the guild. In Mavis’ time, it was simply called Law. Since it was counted as one of the three strongest ancient magic spells of Fairy Tail, it was then renamed to “Fairy Law”.

Chapter Witticism: None for this chapter.

Chapter Cliffhanger: With Mavis passed out / fainting after casting Law, I have a feeling that we are now going to see how Mavis died / was sealed into stone and kept in the Fairy Tail guild house’s secret basement.


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