“Anywhere But Here” by Christina Aguilera

Note: This lyric video is unlisted on the Republic Records YouTube page. This means that although the video is public, it will not show up on the “What to watch” or “Suggestions” portion of YouTube. It does not even show up on the Republic Records YouTube videos list. Only those who have the YouTube link will be able to watch it. So, share the video link (select-copy-paste) if you want others to listen to this song with the lyrics! 🙂

YouTube link: youtu.be/ewmRSKDUQ8g

I actually did not know that Finding Neverland was adopted into a stage musical in 2012 and 2014. However, I do remember watching the 2004 film, from which this musical was inspired from.  That 2004 film, however, was not a musical and thus, did not have this song. I believe this song was originally created for the revised musical, which will open this year on Broadway. I have not even heard the original version of this song, since as far as I know, there is no compilation album release of the musical’s song numbers. I am not even sure if “Anywhere But Here” is an original song of the 2012 and 2014 stage musical runs, or if it is a new song of the revised, 2015 run.

Anyway, original song interpretation by Christina Aguilera or not, it sounds amazing!

This is one of those Christina Aguilera songs where she restrained her vocal acrobatics and injected a lot of emotion in the interpretation of the song. As a piano ballad with a very emotive feel, it reminded me of her “Back to Basics” album song, “Hurt”, but with lesser belting towards the song’s end. But that does not mean that the song is inferior. Her spinto sound is well-rounded-sounding in this recording. Also, towards the end, strings and percussion were used to amplify the climax, but still observed a restrained sound.

Xtina incorporates a signature harmony at the bridge, before returning to the chorus and ending on a resounding, but still restrained climax. I was expecting the last word, “here” to be where the climactic stress would be, but instead, it was at the word, “but”. Truly, a smart move to end big but still pulling back. This is an arrangement that Aguilera rarely does on recorded material, and I am glad she did it on this song.

I noticed that Xtina’s vocals are better-sounding now compared to her previous years’ releases (“Bionic”, “Lotus”). Yes, her acrobatics from her earlier years (“Mi Reflejo”, “Stripped”) are not that audible now, but the confidence that you get while listening to her singing now makes you eagerly anticipate her next musical album release. With all the songs she has sung lately, (“The Real Thing”, “Shotgun”) and now this, I cannot help but hope for a ballad-centric album with some up-tempo songs, all of which are less musically-instrumented. She is at her best singing about things other than romance, so an inspirational theme would be great. After all, most of the artists she has mentored on The Voice (U.S.) say that she is “full of wisdom” and that Christina has “helped them get through” personal, internal conflicts.

For now, this song is enough to entertain our ears until she drops her new album.

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