Bleach 627: The Creation Chapter Assessment

This chapter was somewhat lite, but it did make my heart beat faster. After getting into the Valley of Screams and moving in closer to the Soul King Palace, Ichigo and his group are now about to get out there and face the Quincies once more. At the same time, the Shinigami in Seireitei have completed a gate to the city of the Soul King Palace and are also about to get out there.

Apparently, both parties will arrive within the perimeter of the Soul King Palace. I’m guessing they will attack at the same time? But, I was actually anxious because what if the Quincies would also attack immediately after both parties would arrive within the Soul King Palace’s city? It’s like seeing a tactical strategy game!

Once Ichigo and his party arrived, they noticed that the surroundings look very different. They actually thought that they were in the wrong place but actually, it really is the Soul King Palace’s city. Apparently, Yhwach has reshaped the entire place to reflect Quincy architecture and landscape, which obviously irritates Yoruichi Shihōin.

This development made me wonder what has happened to Ichibē Hyōsube. Has he truly given up, believing that there is no way they could defeat Yhwach?


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Bleach 626: The Holy Newborn Chapter Assessment

Again, this chapter of Bleach is despairing.

As if I was not used to it. I really should stop expecting Bleach to be comedic now. However, we do see a small dose of funny, chibi moments, but that is all.

Yhwach has completed “absorbing” the Soul King and has now turned into… HOLY CRAP!! A seven-eyed being? No, a multi-eyed being! A monster? I do not know, but he does look frightening. Really frightening that even his subordinates, except for Jugram Haschwalth, look surprised at what has become of Yhwach. Jugram also states that “this world would not exist” without Yhwach. So technically, Yhwach has become the new “Soul King”.

That part made me depressed again because how then, will Ichigo Kurosaki and all the other Shinigami would be able to defeat Yhwach? I said it before, I will say it again: you might as well end Bleach now because everything looks hopeless. I doubt Ichigo has enough power to wipe out Yhwach and his henchmen. Sōsuke Aizen? I do not think so.

Even so I said the aforementioned, I still like to read Bleach to find out what happens. This has gone on so long that it would be a shame to miss this last arc (if I am not mistaken, it is the last arc).


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Bleach 620: Where Do You Stand Chapter Assessment

This chapter of Bleach is one that focuses on a specific moment, making it seem like a slow story progression. However, with the action sequences, it would seem fast-paced. Also, this is another of those chapters that are not really encouraging; it was really depressing. Uryū is still fighting his friends, like he has truly become one of Yhwach’s henchmen. Yoruichi Shihōin is still not visible here; I do hope she is fine.

Overall, it is just one of those Bleach chapters wherein the bad guys seem to win and you just go, “Ugh!” Plus, considering that Yhwach is crazy powerful, and also, recalling Ichibē Hyōsube’s statement that they “cannot win”, it would seem that the world really will end. I mean, Ichigo Kurosaki does not have power to go up against Yhwach, does he? That was actually well-established when Ichibē could not defeat Yhwach. So, what now? You might as well end the series on a depressing note.


Chapter Disappointment: Uryū still siding with Yhwach; and Yhwach absorbing Mimihagi and is about to take everything that “belonged” (past tense) to the Soul King. The elite Sternritter are well and fully powered.

Chapter Approval: None. Another chapter of despair.

Chapter Witticism: None.

Chapter Cliffhanger: Where is Yoruichi Shihōin? What happened to Ichigo and everyone else? And what happened to Jūshirō Ukitake after what happened to Mimihagi? And, will somebody, please, pretty please stop Yhwach and his plans, if ever that is possible?

Bleach 619: The Betrayer Chapter Assessment

I was excited with Bleach when Ichigo Kurosaki finally entered the fight against Yhwach. It was a long time coming, due to Bleach’s slow pace / bits-of-the-story-per-chapter style. I’m not really a fan of this, but it is necessary to portray the exquisite and elegant illustrations seen on every page: Simple panels with restrained drama. And now, finally, we get to see Uryū Ishida firing his bow.

619CoverNow, I was skeptical that Uryū really pledged allegiance to Yhwach. I thought, maybe he is just playing along to the whole Quincy thing and in the end, will “betray” Yhwach. Then again, Yhwach has the power of “The Almighty”, so, I don’t know. But it really is pissing me off seeing him go against his friends. He is getting to be a real anti-hero in this manga.

Chapter Disappointment: Uryū still seemingly keeping sides with Yhwach and Mimihagi torn off the Soul King.

Chapter Approval: None, really. Kind of a depressing chapter.

Chapter Witticism: None. It’s one of those chapters painted in all seriousness.

Chapter Cliffhanger: Yoruichi Shihōin is wounded here, and I do hope she does not die. Please, please, please, not another death in Bleach!