Blog Worries

scribes-express-blogI really worry about the things I post on this blog. Specifically, I worry about publishing personally creative articles that are liable to be taken by other people and be claimed as their own. Like poems, essays, and photos. So much of these are being syndicated all over the blogosphere without asking due consent from their originators. (I admit, I also do this sometimes; but for most, I ask permission. :D) It’s the reason blogging platforms state on their ToS that their users are responsible for the content that they upload to their servers.

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WP Reblogging: How Discouraging!

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been posting much, and that most of my recent posts involved movies. Well, I’ve become unenthusiastic with blogging. It’s nothing related to any personal setbacks (well, maybe just a little); it’s actually got more to do with my chosen blogging platform:

You see, recently launched a new feature for their hosted blogs: The “Like” feature. Accordingly, this feature would make sharing of snippets of your favorite blog posts easier, instead of the standard copying and pasting. Also, you could even share these snippets along with your comments.

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