My 2013 Blog Theme (Again!)

I must be crazy switching from one theme to another within only five days! I do apologize for the erratic change; I’m happy with my current blog theme now. It really is fortunate that’s Theme Team just released this new blog theme, “My Life”.

So how is the theme?

Although I’m not aiming for the brown and baby blue color scheme, I’m satisfied with its minimalist layout. I’m happy with the typeface and font size for the post body; it’s big enough to be legible. The font for the title and headings could be bigger with thicker strokes. Additionally, they should have been in a darker color. Nevertheless, I can bear with it.

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Making A Blog More Splendio

As you can glean from my blog’s look, I’ve chosen to switch themes from Sight to Splendio. I’ve used Sight for almost two weeks now and it just doesn’t work for me. Granted, the layout was clean and minimalist, but the blog posts were overly truncated for me. Additionally, the font size, combined with the font face, does not help show off my written content.

I spent about two hours pouring over’s free themes looking for a modern Web typeface that was legible and reasonably sized. Splendio met these criteria, although I’ll have to cut down on the background and header styles to make it a lot more simple.

Looks like my “new look for 2013” was short-lived; here’s to hoping this theme and my blogging will work out. 😀

Any thoughts?