Peace from the Tumultuous Way of the Sword

 rurouni-kenshin-samurai-x-live-movie-ticketFilm is an entirely different medium, compared to television and print media, for telling a story. One difference is in the presentation time or the period in which a particular story arc will be portrayed. It’s obviously more limited in film; at average, you have only two hours to tell your story. This affects the pace in which you tell your story. If you go too fast, your audience might get lost; go slow and they might be bored. It also affects the characters and settings for your story. A convoluted plot will confuse your audience; a lacking plot might disinterest them.

This was all that I’ve been thinking before entering the cinema for the screening of Samurai X: Rurouni Kenshin (live-action film) in our place. “Don’t expect too much,” I told myself.

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Think First!

With nothing to do last night, I opened up my computer and watched Jim Carrey’s most recent flick, Yes Man.

Alternate Theatrical Poster
Alternate Theatrical Poster

During the time of its showing (December 2008), I actually planned to see it in its big screen adaptation however, I condescended not to. And I was glad with my decision because it would have been a waste of my money. Not to say that Yes Man is a bad film. It’s actually good, although not worth viewing on the big screen for my standards.

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Free Will

Angels. Divine beings who act as messengers of GOD. As I child, I envisioned them as divine beings in human form, with or without wings, blond hair :), and robed in an overflowing cloth of white. But after watching City of Angels, my perception of these messengers was altered.

I love this pose!
I love this pose!

“What if an angel fell in love with a human being?” That is the very foundation of the 1998 movie, City of Angels, starring Nicholas Cage as Seth, an angel; and Meg Ryan as Maggie Rice, a heart surgeon who becomes Seth’s object of love. The film is a remake of the 1987 German film, Wings of Desire.

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Witnessing Something Truly Majestic

The third video I saw was The Bucket List, staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

"True friendship never dies." Now that is something truly majestic!

Its story focuses on two men with differences surpassing those of their economic status. Their distinguishing similarity (aside from a common hospital room) is their illness: terminal cancer. In the course of their denial, both compose a “bucket list:” a list of things they would love to do before “kicking the bucket” (an expression for dying). With a fully financed trip by hospital entrepreneur Edward Cole (Nicholson), he and Carter Chambers (Freeman) live their dreams, and in the process open each other’s locked doors for a more fulfilling life.

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Gotham City is a Psychiatric Ward!

In the past, superhero flicks were made for the fun that they brought to the yuppie movie-going populace. Action. Adventure. A really cool outfit. High-tech gadgets. The beautiful damsel in distress and the handsome knight in shining armor. A notorious villain. The battle between good and evil. But unlike then, most superhero flicks today dwell more on economy, politics, society, and psychologic & psychiatric imbalances. The Dark Knight delivers that and more.

"Why so serious?"
“Why so serious?”

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