Don’t glance at me longingly. Don’t plead to me, asking me to take you back. Instead, look at me and think about me, all out of regret. Look through my eyes and dream your future life that will never be. Revere in the happiness that you will never receive; enjoy the crooked path you have chosen to traverse. Go to bed every night and remember me. Envision me walking your body in nightmares that you weep in pain. Scream on midnights with my raging body and awake in cold sweat with nothing but my ghost.

Never blame me for your circumstance. Your fall is your own doing. You swallowed Adam’s seed, you drank your poison. You desired suicide through carnal acts, and so you die. Death to your untouched state, agony to your throbbing lips. You could have been responsible, but as always, you’re weak and idiotic.

Fulfill your fleshy destiny, satisfy your lusty hunger, and drown, drunk in your bastard’s wine. Savor your pseudo-happiness with your sorry excuse for a man. Oh, how hilarious it is that you’ll be married to a guy like that. And I thought you had taste. Turns out, the only tastes you know are those of the fluids of shaggy-haired, lousy scoundrels.

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So the girl you’re going out with, the one you’re attracted to, is pregnant

. . . from another guy.

In which case, you are definitely out of the picture with her. This girl and her “accidental” would-be husband are probably planning their civil wedding. There’s a chance that you might get to be with her—literally—in the wedding pictures. If you make it, you might also be one of her child’s godfathers. That’s the closest that you probably can get. Afterwards, kaput! She’s out of your life forever.

Why feel glum? She’s your friend, right? She’s off with a happy family (maybe). Shouldn’t you be happy for her?

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