“Thinking of You” by Katy Perry

I am currently listening to Katy Perry’s song, Thinking of You from her mainstream debut album, One of the Boys. At first, I thought that the song spoke of being in a current relationship but being in-love with another. Then, I saw its music video and realized that what I thought was a misconception.

Thinking of You

The song actually speaks of a love that has gone by and will never return. The one left behind is trying to cope with life and getting on in another relationship. However, the singer reminisces and grieves the loss of the first love through the song.

This was the first Katy Perry song that I loved. It actually made me see her as an artist with deep creativity. The song employs a deep sense of emotion and utilizes unique poetical terms. Moreover, its unconventional delivery gives it a very unique format as a ballad. It’s definitely something that I would listen to over and over.