The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 6 Instant Save Performance Personal Rankings


#TeamChristina, both Kimberly Nichole and India Carney, is in the Bottom 2, WHERE THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?

And worst of all: KIMBERLY WAS ELIMINATED!! WHAT THE F*CK!? A standout performer, gone in an instant!? Not to be disrespectful to India, but Team Xtina’s chances of winning in this season drastically decreased. And I was really hoping Christina would win this season! Without a seasoned performer, she just again, might lose.

Why did it have to be based largely on iTunes downloads, anyway? It is not the most accurate gauge of an artist’s flexibility and prominence. People’s musical preferences change over time; and so must artist’s musical abilities. Let’s just see if this season’s The Voice Season 8 winner will still be prominent after a couple of years. Hah! Sure, it’s called The Voice, in the sense that the vocals are given much focus. But once the artists expire their contracts with The Voice and get out in the real music business, vocals alone are not enough to sell records.

I couldn’t help but reflect, the earlier seasons of American Idol had a better voting system.

*sigh* Anyway, in modern singing competitions, it is the runners-up who outshine the winners of these shows. Cue:

…Avery Wilson…

…and Jacquie Lee.

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The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 8 Instant Save Performance Personal Rankings

And that completes the Top 6 who will be battling it out again next week! I was so aghast when I saw India Carney as part of the Bottom Three. Personally, I do not think she should have been there. Between the three of them, I would choose India to be saved. I was so nervous that she would be eliminated in favor of the other two artists from Team Blake, Hannah Kirby and Corey Kent White. When Carson Daly said, “Closest vote ever!” I mistakenly heard the word, “closest” as “Corey”, which knocked the air out of me. I was at the edge of my seat! Thankfully, two Instant Save votes went through and led India to perform next week.

It was a shame to see Hannah go because she really has amazing potential, but that is just the way it is.

Anyway, let’s get on to rank the Instant Save Performances this week:

3. Corey Kent White – “Somebody Like You”

Corey should sing more familiar country tunes like this. I actually did enjoy listening to his version of this classic country song, which I often hear on the radio where I live. However, for his performance, I felt like there was a part of him that he kept holding back, which further made me feel like he was not giving it his all. He did have a good run on this show and he will still learn more about performance; kudos to him for all he had done so far on The Voice.

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“I Want You” Cover by Rob Taylor

So, the eighth season of The Voice (U.S.) is now in full swing. Going through the performances on YouTube, one of the Blind Auditions that caught my attention is the one by Rob Taylor.

That is one crazy reinforced falsetto! I cannot even reach that pitch! (I can only reach an octave below that in a light falsetto.) Truly an admirable vocal ability. No wonder Christina Aguilera wanted to exert that Rob should choose her team. And I love that way that Christina did that. Ha! Ha!

With this song stuck in my head, I thought of searching for it on YouTube, if the original key really is like that (with the falsetto and all). I was able to find the original music video and discovered who the original singer is: Luke James, a singer-songwriter.

Here he is with the original version of “I Want You”:

Listening to this song makes me want to practice my own reinforced falsetto. Granted, it would not be as high as Luke James’ or Rob Taylor’s, but I do want to develop it. Also, it is nice to develop a smooth transition from the low notes then shift up to falsetto, much like Rob’s. 🙂

Jaguar + Tiger = Jagger

Amidst all the songs coming out lately, I haven’t found one that I would consider my “new favorite anthem.” There’s just too much auto-tuned, metallic tracks being played that my ears are beginning to rust.

Thankfully, one of my favorite bands, Maroon Five, thought of featuring Christina Aguilera (another one of my favorites) on their new song: Moves Like Jagger. I have to say,

Maroon Five + Christina Aguilera = Naughty and Fun but still Sophisticated

I love it! Definitely me new favorite song for the second half of the year! I just wished Aguilera had more parts on the song. They could also have made the song a little longer; I just love the lazy whistling all throughout, and those riffs on the final “jagger” in the chorus.

It may sound a little electronica, but it still retains that Maroon Five vibe (thanks to Adam Levine’s unique voice timbre). And by adding Christina Aguilera, it went on to have a sexy sound. The song was performed live on The Voice, a reality singing show where Levine and Aguilera are resident coaches.