The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 6 Mother’s Day Dedication Personal Rankings

I felt that the Top 6’s dedication songs were better choices and turned out better performances than their regular Top 6 performances. Apparently, all they chose songs and performed them within their comfort zones but still, they really stood out. With that, there are changes from how I ranked them in my earlier post:

6. Meghan Linsey – “Amazing Grace”

There are many versions of this song (and I have listened to a lot of them), and thought that it would not be safe to have sung this. Still, it was a solid vocal and the solemn atmosphere of the stage blended well with how the song should be performed.

5. Sawyer Fredericks – “Shine On”

He is back to his guitar-playing and belting it out through the mic. I thought that this was a better performance than his “Take Me to the River” performance as it suits best with where he is now musically and as a person. He just is not the goofy type to take on up-tempo, dance-y beats.

4. Kimberly Nichole – “Free Fallin'”

Just, Wow! Wow! Wow! It is nice to see her in a seemingly laidback acoustic performance, but there is just no stopping that voice from soaring! It just sounded weird for her to sing something like this, but still, a great performance from a great performer!

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The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 6 Personal Rankings

We are getting close to the finale and I do hope this will turn out to be an amazing season for The Voice (U.S.A.). With an awesome pool of talent, it gets difficult to pick favorites! But anyway, here are my personal picks from the remaining Top 6 artists:

6. Sawyer Fredericks – “Take Me to the River”

I’m not used to seeing Sawyer perform an upbeat song; well, not that upbeat, but probably upbeat for his usual style. He did have a very strong vocal delivery on this song. However, with a song like this, you really have to groove it. There were times when I thought he would attempt to dance, but he did not. I guess it just was not his style to sing and groove / sing and dance. Good thing there were dancers in his performance, or else it would have looked awkward.

5. Koryn Hawthorne – “Dream On”

Oh my goodness! This was an amazing delivery! Really strong, powerful, edgy, and it had a great build-up; although not much at the end. There were also some words that were difficult to understand, but dang! That was one awesome vocal!

4. Joshua Davis – “Desire”

Awesome performance! Not enough to really stand out, but still very good! He deserves to go on! Plus, I really love his soft, whispery tone. I said it before, and I will say it again: I love to have a voice made up of Joshua’s manly and soft tones with Rob Taylor’s falsetto and deep bass.

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