Back for Thanksgiving!

It’s been almost two months since I last published a blog post. During that time, I activated my Facebook account and connected with hundreds of family and friends online. I was posting status updates, commenting, and liking like crazy on that social networking site and before long, I realized that I missed blogging.

So here I am again! *fireworks!* *applause!*

And when should I choose to come back to blogging than now, the fourth Thursday of November, also regarded as Thanksgiving Day in the US.

Granted, the Philippines does not celebrate Thanksgiving Day, but personally, we should at least observe being thankful for what the GOOD LORD provided for us over the past year.

So here I am, coming back to my blog and thanking all of my readers and blog-friends for being there, for the conversations in the comment box, for influencing my life for better, and . . . for just being there.

Thanks very much! Here’s to another blessed year for all of us!