Fairy Tail 431: My Sword is… Chapter Assessment

I am so happy that again, we got two chapters this week! Makes all the waiting really worth it! Now, instead of releasing two chapters, why not release one 40-page chapter instead?

Anyway, from the chapter’s title, it was obvious that it is going to be about Erza Scarlet. However, when the panel with Jerome talking about his Dark Sword was shown, I was afraid that the chapter title referred to his sword and that we would have a long battle between him and Erza. Thankfully, that was not the case and we are treated to the awesomeness that is Erza—clad in a new armor with flying/dancing swords. Finally! But, it is a new armor, isn’t it? It’s like she used a similar technique of dancing swords before, but with a different armor. Anyway, her new swords do not let her enemies feel that they have been touched/cut; as such, they would have been bleeding without them knowing it. She looks awesomely fresh and badass after being absent for how many chapters!

Good thing the Fairies are not being beaten down now, unlike in chapters past where a single fight would take two to three chapters to complete with the spotlighted Fairy going through tough beatings before emerging victorious. Instead, in this chapter, Erza eliminates Jerome like he was nothing. As it turns out, this Avatar guild is nothing; then again, this is not even the main guild/headquarters.


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Fairy Tail 427: The Heated Underground Battle Chapter Assessment

I was disappointed not seeing Gajeel Redfox in this chapter since I initially thought that Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, and him will be facing off in the underground of the Avatar base, i.e., Heated Underground Battle. I guess that will be for next chapter or even a few chapters later. Oh well.

Another disappointing thing that I realized is Lucy Heartfilia’s new ability called Star Dress. Basically, the idea is that the celestial spirit mage will have similar armor and abilities as that of the celestial spirit the mage has called on, a bit like Erza Scarlet’s The Knight. And that, is exactly what is disappointing about it. The celestial spirit mage is not granted the same abilities as the celestial spirit. What’s more is that the celestial spirit has to be called on in order for this magical ability to work. Disappointing, if you ask me. I was expecting something where the celestial spirit mage and the celestial spirit would merge, ala Mirajane Strauss’ Body Takeover or ala Yoh Asakura’s skill as a medium/shaman in Shaman King. It would have been cool to see Lucy do something like that. 🙂

Anyways, Natsu and company’s sneaking to the Avatar base through the underground is actually useless with Natsu’s on-purpose recklessness. Well, at least, we get to see Lucy don a similar look to Erza. 😀


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