Bleach 627: The Creation Chapter Assessment

This chapter was somewhat lite, but it did make my heart beat faster. After getting into the Valley of Screams and moving in closer to the Soul King Palace, Ichigo and his group are now about to get out there and face the Quincies once more. At the same time, the Shinigami in Seireitei have completed a gate to the city of the Soul King Palace and are also about to get out there.

Apparently, both parties will arrive within the perimeter of the Soul King Palace. I’m guessing they will attack at the same time? But, I was actually anxious because what if the Quincies would also attack immediately after both parties would arrive within the Soul King Palace’s city? It’s like seeing a tactical strategy game!

Once Ichigo and his party arrived, they noticed that the surroundings look very different. They actually thought that they were in the wrong place but actually, it really is the Soul King Palace’s city. Apparently, Yhwach has reshaped the entire place to reflect Quincy architecture and landscape, which obviously irritates Yoruichi Shihōin.

This development made me wonder what has happened to Ichibē Hyōsube. Has he truly given up, believing that there is no way they could defeat Yhwach?


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Bleach 621: The Dark Curtain Chapter Assessment

Everything is still gloomy and inflicts despair. At least, we do NOT get to see Yhwach’s face, because I really am annoyed with this antagonist. Then again, there still is no light of hope in sight. Although, in the last page, we see Sōsuke Aizen, which I really do not trust. I mean, he had evil intentions before, how can you trust him? But you have to admit, he really is powerful and gifted; I just wonder if he can match up to Yhwach.

So, when Yhwach said he was going to take what belonged to the Soul King in the last chapter, he meant to absorb the Soul King’s powers. Apparently, he also absorbed Mimihagi, The Right Hand of the Soul King. And as Yhwach is dissolved into these powers, small, black, one-eyed creatures start multiplying and go down to Seireitei and attack the Shinigami. One of Yhwach’s henchmen explain that these creatures, which manifest the freed full power of the Soul King, have now become enemies of the Shinigami. This got me thinking, if Yhwach takes over, does that mean that the Zero Division / Ichibē Hyōsube will adhere to Yhwach and become enemies of the Shinigami in Seireitei? I mean, the Zero Division is supposed to protect the Soul King and the Soul Family, right? That is, assuming that the Zero Division has not really been eliminated.


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