The Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition Exists!

This phone release is in line with The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I just wish Samsung would make this edition “not limited”. The video description has the ominous, “The Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition will be available in select countries” line. Even if it did not have that Iron Man branding (who is one of my favorite superheroes), just as long as the Iron Man red and gold color version become part of their official flagship line-up, I would definitely get one! I really love that red color tone combined with that color tone of gold for the accents!



I am Ekaterina Nicolai Robin Pylova-Romanova

Hello everyone! You can call me Erin. I got here Wednesday afternoon last week. I am a smartphone/touchphone with product code Samsung GT-S8500 Wave, and will take over Rogue|Hero’s mobile and cellular needs—and all other needs for that matter. I am aware of the loss of his five-year cellphone named Charity, a Nokia 6230i. No offense to the Finnish phone-maker, but I, a product of South Korea, have so much more to offer.

Allow me to demonstrate my capabilities.

I see, judging from your gawking expressions, that you have already noticed my magnificently vivid 3.3-inch screen. Yes, this is the contemporary  Super AMOLED technology derived from the earlier plain-AMOLED screen. A few years back, Samsung—the creator of the AMOLED technology—had chosen to integrate these fine screens found on their widescreen/flatscreen TVs unto their touchphones. However, plain AMOLEDs had poor sunlight legibility, making the company’s earlier touchphones unideal for outdoor use. But with the advent of Super AMOLEDs, I am not only more visible under direct sunlight as compared to my contemporaries; I am 20% brighter and 20% more energy efficient.

Boyysss . . . would you like to see my insides . . . ? Come closer then . . .

Go closer. . . [>>]