My Birthday Month

recis-before-work-2013-1 by recisdempayos
Via Flickr:
Waiting for a ride going to my office.

recis-before-work-2013-1, a photo by recisdempayos on Flickr.

I almost forgot: it’s my birthday month!

Every year at this time, I would usually pay special attention to this month. I would declare a month-long celebration. 😀 Since I’ve been preoccupied with work, I neglected to treat this month extraordinarily. Almost.

I’ve decided then that for this year, I’ll keep it quick and simple. I don’t usually post photos of myself on my blog, but I’ll now make an exception. It’s simple and insignificant, but it makes me happy anyway.

Heck, I don’t even aim to post photos of myself everyday. I’ll schedule it as, “every free time I can get.” I’m that busy.

Even though I wanted to have weekly parties or get-togethers and charity work with friends, I just couldn’t coordinate it. I’m busy Mondays to Saturdays; I sleep a whole lot on Sundays. Not that much free time, really.

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Rho weeks in cosmos,
With a colossal segment;
Gaining momentum.

Distant epsilon
Is the embryonic end
Of tenacity.

Through a gamma frame,
Auras jolt to overheat—
Essence will transpire.

In iota drops,
Contacting covers briskly
By pearly globules.

This time, in sigma,
Post binaries of eons,
I shall reappear. Registered & Protected