A Tour of AM and FM Radio Networks

I know this blog post should strictly remain within my Communications Odyssey blog, but I felt compelled to share it on my main blog (this blog) anyway. 😛

Communications Odyssey

Earlier in the year, January 02 to be exact, me and a couple of my Master in Development Communication classmates had a radio tour of two radio networks in Baguio City. One is an AM network while the other is an FM network. Actually, both radio networks are under the same broadcasting company.

I am thankful for that particular assignment because it was far more educational to witness radio networks in actual operations. Plus, we got to converse with people who are actually in and have a lot of experience in the field.

Here is my (informational) vlog about our radio tour:

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I just love movie parodies. They present a lite and comical perspective to the concentrated tones and themes of blockbusters. Take the Scary Movie tetralogy, which generally gave a comical tone to the themes of horror films. With the fourth and final installment of Scary Movie in 2006, I thought my fill of film parodies were over. But thankfully, other productions came out with a widened array of films to spoof, which made me more excited. There was Date Movie and Epic Movie; and now, Meet the Spartans, Superhero Movie, and The Comebacks, which I viewed within the past three weeks (That’s a lot of time to watch a limited number…).

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