Fun and Amusement, Personified

My favorite of the five guardians. 😀

First off, this is the first movie I will be watching this year.

A little over a month before the new year kicks in and I see my first movie this year just now. When I go over the reasons why, I would say I just forget that a movie I was dying to see was being screened because of “other things” that I have to do. Eventually, the screening time is over and I’m done doing my “other things”. Irritating, if you ask me.

Getting on with the movie: There is the concept of a Guardian who takes care of and protects the interests of children, specifically, what it is to be a child. There are four Guardians namely, Santa Claus (also called North in the movie), The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and Sandman. Respectively, they are the Guardians of: Wonder, Memories, Hope, and Dreams.

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Seeing the Dark of the Moon

transformers-dark-of-the-moon-Rosie Huntington-WhiteleFinally, the Transformers movie franchise has ended. The final nail to the trilogy has landed and fans of the mechanical beings rejoiced! It was fun (chase and fight scenes), mind-blowing (special effects), and exhilarating (because it finally brought an end to everything).

Now I understand that movie critics and enlightened movie-goers frown on this movie franchise. I accept their point of view. The three movies had weak storylines. Character development was weak as well, at times, even nonexistent. Accordingly, bad acting. Pointless robot-fighting and action scenes thus, a waste of animation and special effects technology. Heck, even director Michael Bay said that the second movie was “crap.”

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The Lovely Bones (novel by Alice Sebold, movie directed by Peter Jackson)

the-lovely-bonesOver the past week, I indulged in reading Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones; afterwards, I saw the movie adaptation. I’ve heard of this novel before and wanted to see what caused quite a stir back then. From what I remember, there was an American community that was in an outrage over the novel. Accordingly, the novel was based on a gruesome crime that happened in the said community; however, the events chronicled in the book were over-the-top and thus, their outrage. I tried doing an online search but it seemed that articles pertaining to the true story are no longer searchable.

When I opened the book, there was the proverbial disclaimer:

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Oh well.

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Shrek Forever After

It’s distressing when an animated series that has endeared itself to me is now down to its final act. After the release of Shrek the Third back in 2007, reports claimed that the Shrek series will run for seven installments. I wished DreamWorks didn’t bring my hopes up in the first place so I wouldn’t feel woeful now. The Shrek series was a great addition to the animated movie genre. It has the things that I look for in a comically twisted animation: A pseudo-medieval setting, retro ballads for a soundtrack, satire, spoofs, slapstick comedy, rudeness, and disgust. What other animated flick has these elements?

But yeah, things come to an end anyway. *sigh!*

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Iron Man 2

Finally, I got to watch the second installment of the Iron Man series. I’ve gone over several websites and was pleased to discover that overall, the movie received positive reviews. That fact assured me that this isn’t a follow-up blockbuster dud. Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t watch this if critics previewed this negatively; I will definitely watch this movie even if they didn’t like it.

What made me want to see this sequel was the outcome of the first installment. Because the first was a success, I wanted to see what the producers will think of next. Expectations were definitely high for the second movie, and it’s comforting to know that it hits the right spot.

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