Column: Moving Forward

It’s been more than a month since dad died and I stopped almost all forms of communication, including social networking. So here I am now, back in the blogging world, getting my system back in order. The past month wasn’t actually painful—in the way that losing a loved one should—it was actually more hectic than hurtful. You know, managing the funeral services, church services, clerical work, food and menu, entertaining visitors, getting the house back in order, the 40-day Filipino mourning custom, etc.

I’m actually pissed off with all that has to be done. And I’m not even through with dad’s retirement benefits, funeral and burial benefits, the land titles, house registrations, affidavits, etc. *sigh!* No time to grieve, indeed!


So I needed a diversion from it all. I was so damn busy that even blogging was put off. And I must say, it’s great to be typing all my thoughts into the WordPress text editor once again. It’s so nice to be back!

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