Six Photos of 2012 That I Loved

Six is a very small number to showcase 2012’s photos that carry all the experiences that I’ve been through in the year. Mainly, because I snap pictures of just about anything. I shoot scenes, I shoot objects, and I shoot people (with a camera, of course). 😛

Going through all my photo albums on Facebook and all those I have not uploaded but are still saved on my hard drive, I can’t help but feel disenchanted that I won’t be able to publish and share on this blog post as much photos as I want to. I guess that’s part of the challenge: choose wisely. 😀

So without further ado, I present to you this year’s photos that I have come to love and would definitely want to share:

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Some Things That Make My Heart Beat

bended-spoonI’ve come across bendedspoon‘s (see accompanying profile photo) uplifting blog post about some wonders of her heart. It was so lite and glowing that it brought me to Cloud 9—very touching and inspiring!

Because I was inspired by it, I thought of coming up with a blog post detailing some of the wonders of my heart. These “wonders” make my heart beat with overflowing life.

Of course, my heart beats for my family, relatives, friends, my dreams and aspirations, and the things that interest me. To divert from the ordinary, I opted to list seven “other things” that make me feel alive.

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One of the Greatest Moments in My Life

It’s been a really heavy week. I still can’t get over the death of my kittens. In my desolation, I wrote the following short essay. I meant to post it weeks agowhen my kittens were still here. It’s difficult to cherish the things that you love when they have already passed you by.

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Hurting Silently

This is one of the most sorrowful days of my life.

It is October 1st, the start of a new month—supposedly the start of something new. But I cannot feel happy knowing that Christmas is just around the corner, or feel any other moods of excitement. This morning, I discovered that my two beloved kittens were sprawled, cold, bloodied, and lifeless on the ground, just beside their sleeping spot.

In the first week of July, my only remaining household kitten, Agatha, died. The cause of death was never known. We just saw her lying lifeless on the ground one morning. There was no blood and she had a feeling of receding warmth, meaning she just died. I was saddened but I kind of expected it. She was having bowel problems and was not as perky as usual kittens are. She was born in May.

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Breaking Up A Cat Fight the Original Way

I found this funny YouTube video clip. I couldn’t stop smiling (and laughing)! 😀

That was totally unexpected! I just adore kittens!