“(To) Make You Feel My Love” by Kelly Clarkson

I haven’t published any blog posts for the Music category for almost five months. I just wasn’t into music then. I didn’t buy any new records, didn’t listen to my digital music library . . . I haven’t even been listening to the radio!

Which then marks the discovery of this song as the redemption of my love for music.

I discovered this song in mp3 format on the downloads folder of a PC unit I was renting at an Internet cafe. I have the habit of browsing through the saved documents, downloads, and Internet histories of public PCs out of curiosity of what web surfers are into these days.

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Kelly Clarkson: All I Ever Wanted

I got hold of Kelly Clarkson’s fourth studio album, All I Ever Wanted due, to the success of its two singles, My Life Would Suck Without You and I Do Not Hook Up. Upon listening to the whole compilation, I found a more beautiful song that definitely became my favorite among the other tracks, singles included: Cry.

Kelly Clarkson: All I Ever WantedThe song Cry showcases Clarkson’s belting ability and the emotional depth that she can attach to it. Cry is one of those creations where beauty is showcased through sadness.

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